Spring 2022 Room Sign-up Process

Spring 2022 Room Sign-up Process

Current/Returning Students

Space permitting, we will be conducting Open Room Changes within the first two weeks of the spring semester. Details of this process will be available on Student Announce at the beginning of the spring 2022 semester.

New/Transfer Students


  • Room Sign-ups opens for New/Transfer students: Monday, Dec. 13, 2021
  • Room Sign-ups closes for New/Transfer students: Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022


  1. Enter our housing portal.
  2. Click "Student Services & Financial Aid."
  3. Click "Residential Life."
  4. Click "Residence Hall Room Selection."
  5. Select the term (i.e., spring 2022) from the drop down menu and click "next."
  6. Click in the Drop Down Menu to select your room (NOTE: this will tell you the type of room and how many beds are available in the room, and will give you any and all information available on the current occupant in the room).
  7. Click on “Select Room.”
  8. Check the information on the confirmation page and verify that the student currently listed is who you want to room with.
  9. If you would like to reside in this assignment, select “Save This Room Selection.”
  10. If you would like to choose a different room, select “Select a Different Room” and repeat Step 8.
  11. To logout, click the "Exit" button.
  12. Click "Return to Homepage."
  13. Close your web browser to secure your records.

Includes all available spaces in all residence halls on campus. This process includes all available single rooms. This system updates automatically if a room on campus opens.

Please Note: The only single rooms available on campus are listed in BannerWeb and are in the MacKenzie Complex, Getman Hall, and Robinson Champlin Hall.

The Office of College Housing will not be using any waitlists for specific buildings, single rooms, Town House rooms, or MacKenzie Commons rooms for the spring 2021 semester.

Open Room Changes, Room Consolidations, and Room Designation

Open Room Changes

Space permitting, open room changes will occur during the first or second week of each semester.

Room Consolidations

The college will initiate room consolidations when residence hall vacancies occur. The general policy states, when vacancies occur in any residence hall in a double room creating a 'single,' the college will request the remaining student to take a new roommate or move to another room. This may occur through no fault of the affected student. The college reserves the right to require relocation or to assign any student to any vacant bed at any time. Thus, the remaining resident must not utilize both sides of the room should a vacancy occur.

Failure to comply with required relocation may result in campus discipline.

Over-21 Residential Designation

Individual apartments/suites may request specific designation as an Over-21 accommodation if all residents meet the required age designation at the time of application. Students residing in designated Over-21 accommodations may enjoy specific privileges accorded to that lifestyle option. Approval of an Over-21 application is at the discretion of the Assistant Director of College Housing and the status may be rescinded at any time. This will include verifying judicial status for drug and alcohol violations. In the event of a roster change, all residents must continue to be over the age of 21 for the apartment/suite to maintain an Over-21 designation.

Room Designation

Designated singles exist only in the MacKenzie Complex, Getman Hall and Robinson Champlin Hall. All other rooms are double rooms that are occasionally available for purchase as a single accommodation. With the approval of appropriate college personnel, residents without roommates may petition to purchase a double room as a single accommodation. If permission is granted, payment to the Student Records and Financial Services Office will be required within 24 hours of approval. Relocation may not occur until permission is granted by the Residence Director. Single accommodations in double rooms in fall or spring semesters do not guarantee similar benefit for future semesters.