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Living and Learning Community

Living and Learning Community

Get a jump on your college experience from your first day on campus by joining one of these unique experiences!

You have the opportunity to become a member of one of our Living and Learning Communities (LLC) and take the knowledge you are learning in the classroom and connect it with experiences outside the classroom. This will make you better prepared to tackle your college experience than other students!

Architecture LLC

  • You will be enrolled FNAT 2333- Survey of Design. This course, taught by the department chair, Dr. Alex Bitterman, will be a strong foundation course for your architectural career.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend presentations by architects and educators from around the nation as part of the Department of Architecture and Design Lecture Series. These lectures will be mandatory for all LLC participants and will give you a unique look into to the world of architecture and design.
  • Six lectures will also be held in Peet Hall for LLC participants throughout the semester from Alfred State faculty and invited guests on varying topics.

Creative House, LLC - Digital Media Animation and Graphic Design

  • Students develop personal and collaborative studio practices within the Creative House Studio.
  • Large external monitors and other dedicated production equipment are available 24 hours a day to increase productivity in creative pursuits.
  • Faculty and student mentors provide Creative House participants with insight into success strategies for college life and beyond.
  • Lunch and dinnertime events with faculty allow students to connect with all department faulty members, not just those they have class with.
  • Students are scheduled to participate in a First Year Seminar class that prepares them with creative and professional skills specific to their field.
  • If you're interested in living in this community, submit your application online.

Nursing LLC

  • LLC residents live with other first-year nursing students and make connections around their academics. Participants will take a class together right in Burdick Hall.
  • Freshman nursing students have the opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to helping new students transition into the nursing curriculum.
  • This LLC provides first year nursing students enhanced opportunities to learn from and connect with their faculty.
  • Residents of the Nursing LLC also take off campus trips that promote teambuilding and bonding as a cohort.

Proud, LLC

  • The PROUD community is open to incoming first-year students at Alfred State.
  • The PROUD community will provide math and writing labs to residents to assist with supplemental instruction.
  • Residents will participate in programs centered around diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement.
  • This community has Academic Peer Mentors and Community Support Mentors to assist students in their transition to college.
  • If you're interested in living in this community, submit this online form (use your Alfred State username and password to login).

The Info Tech Domain, LLC

  • Students are going to develop personal and collaborative lab practices within the Info Tech Domain (ITD, IT Domain).
  • IT Domain students will be enrolled in CISY 1023 (Intro to Information Tech) and CISY 1113 (Computer Programming I) collectively to aid and prepare each other in team building and creative thinking.
  • In-House Lab space in Peet Hall with multiple workstations and dedicated equipment to be utilized 24 hours a day for education purposes and creative pursuits.
  • Faculty and student mentors provide IT Domain students with insight into success strategies for college life and beyond.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact:

For Residential Inquiries:
Patrick Smith
Assistant Director of College Housing and Judicial Affairs
Phone: 607-587-4371

For Architecture LLC Inquiries:
Alex Bitterman
Professor and Chair, Architecture and Design
Phone: 607-587-4642

For Creative House LLC Inquiries:
Marsha Goodwin
Secretary, Digital Media & Animation
Phone: 607-587-4696

For Nursing LLC Inquiries:
Tara Histed
Nursing Department
Phone: 607-587-3602

For PROUD, LLC Inquiries
OJ Shepard
Diversity and Inclusion
Phone: 607-587-4047

For Summer Prep Academy Inquiries:
Sarah Haskins
Student Success Center
Phone: 607-587-4122

For The Info Tech Domain, LLC Inquiries:
Evan Enke
Computer and Information Technology
Phone: 607-587-3419