Instructions for Students/Alumni/Faculty/Staff

Are you looking for an on-campus job?

How to Navigate JobLink; laptop with post it notes around it

JobLink is your answer! All student employment opportunities (as well as internships, FT careers, and more) are found there. Follow this guide to navigate to your next job.

screen shot of where to Log In or Sign In

Your first step is to create an account by choosing - Sign Up (all new users need to do this – it will not recognize your Alfred State credentials unless you have already created an account) then just - Sign in - for future visits.

Step 3 - emails - what your screen will look like

After completing your registration, you will receive two emails (from Symplicity) to the email address you provided. If you don’t receive these within 15 minutes, it is possible that there was a typo in your email.

Reply to the first email ; email message sample

After signing up, watch for the first verification email. This email will provide a link to verify that you requested an account. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address and get started.

Reply to the JobLink Prompt, arrow pointing to where you will see a message on the screen

In JobLink, you will then receive a verification. Click the link (Click here to continue…) in the message to continue. You will be prompted to agree with the policy agreement and six questions regarding the type of opportunities you are interested in. Complete the six questions to customize your job feed.

Launch, a message appearing when you are all set

When you get the message that - You are all set! - click OK to launch your career.

Second Email, student welcome message

Check your email for the second email (from Symplicity) – this email includes a link for you to set your password.

Profile Icon, arrow in upper right corner of the screen

Once logged in, you can go to your profile icon in the upper right corner to change your password.

If you get locked out, are having trouble, or need your password reset contact Career Development – this often takes just a simple password reset to fix any issues.

Now you’re ready to start applying. To apply for any position, you will need to create/upload a document for application. Choose the Documents tab – Add New - to upload your résumé (or go to OptimalRésumé to create your résumé).

For work-study positions, you will need to create a simple document that includes your name, the best way to contact you, and a list of the times you are available to work.

Search Jobs, arrow pointing to item in the menuSearch for jobs by choosing Jobs/Internships – then Search. You can fine tune your search by choosing filters to find a specific position type (e.g. work-study)

You will find many jobs to explore since JobLink is your place to find all types of jobs, from on-campus & work-study to internships, summer jobs, and full time career jobs!

When you find an opportunity you would like to apply to, view the criteria and be sure that you have uploaded all required documents. If you are eligible and have your résumé uploaded, the - Apply -button should be available.

More Job Search, arrow pointing to button you should noteWhen you click - Apply, you will get a pop-up screen giving you the option to choose the documents you want to include. If you didn’t upload your résumé yet, you can do that now.

Please note, you do not need a student application (skip this part). When all is looking good, click - Submit.

After Applying, arrow pointing to button you should note

When you receive a pop-up saying – you have submitted an application to this position, you are all set. You can double check by viewing the position. You will see the green block saying Applied next to the job title.

If you change your mind or get hired for another position and want to withdraw your application, simply go to - My Job Applications and choose the application to withdraw.

Since work-study positions are competitive, be sure to apply for more than one and also follow-up with the specific office you applied to.

Follow Up message, arrow pointing to screen message you should note

You may want to reach out to the department to make sure they received your application and express interest in the job. Just like in a career search, follow-up can be the key factor in getting hired! Employers like motivated workers.

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Questions? Need further assistance? Contact the Career Development Center (CDC).
Schedule an appointment with the CDC via JobLink.

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