• male student installing solar panels
  • several students wearing hard helmets building a shed
  • landscape view with a windmill
  • male student wearing safety glasses in front of solar panels


Sustainability is quickly emerging as the defining challenge of the 21st century. As a leading technical college and a community devoted to civic engagement and service, Alfred State has both a responsibility and an opportunity to lead the sustainability transformation.

Alfred State is pioneering sustainability in our academic and co-curricular programs to prepare our graduates to succeed in fast-growing sectors of the economy such as renewable energy, green building, hybrid and electric vehicles, and sustainable agriculture. Consistent with our educational focus on sustainability, we also work to model sustainability in campus operations.

Videos about Hands On Learning, Sustainability, and Green Jobs

two students, play button to youtube video several students wearing yellow hard helmets, play button to youtube video two students, play button to youtube video

Our approach to sustainability is outlined in our sustainability and carbon neutrality plan, Pioneering Sustainability. The plan, which was developed as part of our commitment as a proud signatory of the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment, includes a commitment to eliminate or neutralize our direct carbon emissions by 2040.

The ultimate goal of sustainability is to improve quality of life for current generations without compromising the quality of life for future generations. Find out how you can get involved with sustainability efforts on campus.