Lifestyle Options

Lifestyle Options

Our residential facilities offer a variety of room layouts & styles, and are all designed to foster a safe, inclusive, and productive environment. Each is equipped with laundry facilities, comfortable television and study lounges, wireless access, and community kitchens.

First-Year Housing

Burdick Hall, Braddon Hall, Shults Hall, and Peet Hall, Getman Hall, and 2nd and 3rd floor of Robinson/Champlin Hall only house first-year students. Limited space is available in MacKenzie South.

Bachelor’s Degree Housing

Available in MacKenzie South only. This lifestyle option provides an opportunity for students in the baccalaureate programs to reside together.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

This option allows individuals who are not the same gender, who may identify outside of the gender binary (male or female), who may be questioning aspects of their sexuality/gender, or who may be in the process (or completed) a gender transition, to live in an environment that is safe and supportive. This living space is open to the entire campus community and, is requested through an application process (password required). Applicants are selected on a yearly basis by a committee dedicated to the oversight of that community. For more information please visit the Gender-Inclusive Housing page.

Over-21 Housing

Available upon request and application review. All students residing in the suite must be over the age of 21.  

Substance-Free Lifestyle

This lifestyle is designed for the student interested in living within a tobacco-free and alcohol-free area. All guests and visitors are also required to abide by the substance-free lifestyle while visiting the area. Each student signs a contract pledging to remain substance-free while living in this area. If you are not committed to the restrictions, this lifestyle is not for you.


Students may bring a family pet to live with them in selected areas on campus; dogs (under 40 pounds when fully grown), domestic cats, and rabbits. Pet registration takes place at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Learn more about our pet-friendly option.

Quiet Study

Members of this lifestyle all sign an agreement to uphold mandatory 24-hour quiet hours. Television and music are allowed in this area but must be kept at a minimal and respectful volume. This lifestyle is available in certain suite-style and corridor-style residence halls.