Pioneer Hall of Excellence

Pioneer Hall of Excellence

Celebrating Success

Pioneers are known for being strong, resilient, and for overcoming obstacles. It's no wonder that so many Alfred State Pioneers are to be congratulated for their achievements.

The Pioneer Hall of Excellence recognizes success in many different areas. Alfred State College wants to showcase those who go above and beyond and are an inspiration.

Shay Family Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame includes student athletes and coaches who are recognized for their personal accomplishments. Each year there are also team honors for those showing outstanding teamwork and success.

Meet our Hall of Famers

Orvis Activities Center is home to a grand hall dedicated to the distinguished history of students and coaches who deserve our praise. This location is made possible by a donation from the Shay family in celebration of multiple generations of proud ASC Pioneers.

Conference room in Orvis

Wilder & Linneball Hall of Excellence

Alumni Award of Honor Animation

Alumni & Friends Awards of Honor recognize a wide variety of people who have made a name for themselves as tremendous community members and who also contribute to the advancement of the next generation.

Meet our Honorees

Student Leadership Center is where the alumni and friends honorees are on display. Located just outside the campus store, students use this as a hub for clubs and organizations. It's appropriate that this is where the inspiring stories of community-leading alumni are shared.

Image of the Hall of Excellence