Processing Your Financial Aid

To begin with, view your Financial Aid Plan and Select what aid you would like to Accept or Decline.

Your financial aid plan may contain federal grants, loans and/or college work-study. Since grants and scholarships are "free" money they are automatically accepted for you. Federal loans and college work-study require you to decide whether or not you want them. Follow the instructions below to accept, decline or accept partial amounts of these aid sources. Note: Certain aid sources may be subject to cancellation if not accepted within 30 days of being offered.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Accept Aid
  3. Select corresponding aid year
  4. Click Accept Award Offer to review your plan and accept/decline

To learn more about the type of funds you have been offered visit our Understanding Your Financial Aid Plan page.

Then you will want to Check the Status of your Financial Aid Requirements.

Depending on the type of financial aid you are eligible for, a standard set of requirements may need to be met before the aid can be obtained. In addition, one out of three of our financial aid applicants are selected for Federal Verification which creates an additional set of requirements. Follow these instructions to determine if you have any financial aid requirements that may be holding up the processing of your financial aid:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Outstanding Requirements
  3. Select corresponding aid year
  4. Respond promptly for any requests for information.

Finally, Apply for Loans if needed.

If you accepted federal student loans as part of your financial aid plan, you may need to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for each type of loan. Please read the instructions carefully and ONLY apply for loans you have accepted.

If your costs are not completely covered, you may want to consider a Federal Parent PLUS Loan (a loan for parents of dependent students) or a Private Alternative Loan.