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Student Senate of Alfred State logoStudent Senate is committed to enriching the student experience with recreation, education, and leadership opportunities. Student Senate is funded by the student activities fee that students pay each semester. This fee provides for club/organization funding. It also goes towards Residence Hall Councils, Greek Senate, Commuter Council, Alfred Programming Board, Late Night Events, etc. Also, leadership programs, civic engagement, and sustainability are funded by Student Senate. Finally, investments are made each year in recreations and amenities for student use.

Student Senate is made up of an Executive Board and a General Assembly. The Executive Board serves as a channel for dialogue between the student body and the administration of the college. The General Assembly is composed of representatives of the student body. Both groups provide leadership by actively addressing campus issues and managing the student activities fee, with a commitment to improve all aspects of the student experience. The aim of Student Senate is to maintain and improve the quality of student life, strengthen academic excellence, and enrich the college experience.

  • Students interested in extracurricular activities can join one of the many student organizations that are funded by the Student Senate. All clubs and organizations can be found on PioneerLink.
  • Students can get involved in the student government itself by running in the annual spring elections or applying for appointed positions/vacancies.
  • Students interested in further leadership development can do so by serving on various college committees.

Student Senate Executive Board

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