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Financial Aid Verification

Financial Aid Verification


Each year, a certain number of all financial aid applications are selected for the verification process. The selection process is determined by the Federal Government according to criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education. In addition, Alfred State has the authority to select additional applications for verification if they suspect an error has been made. Once an application has been selected for verification, the process must be completed prior to financial aid disbursement on a student bill.

By signing the FAFSA, students and/or parents "agree, if asked, to provide information that will verify the accuracy of your completed form. This information may include U.S. or state income tax forms that you filed or are required to file."

Students selected for the verification process are notified in two ways:

  1. Following FAFSA processing, each student is provided with a Student Aid Report (SAR) by the U.S. Department of Education. Students can easily access their SAR by logging into their FAFSA at Federal Student Aid. The SAR for selected applications will include the following comment: "Your FAFSA has been selected for a review process called verification. Your school has the authority to request copies of certain financial documents from you and your parent(s)/spouse."
  2. Students selected for verification will also receive one official mailed notification from the Office of Student Records and Financial Services. This letter will alert the student of his or her selection status. Email reminders will be sent to the Alfred State email account periodically for any students with outstanding verification requirements.

Completing Verification

Students selected for verification should begin by creating an account at First time users will sign in with their Alfred State email credentials and will have to verify their identity. Verification instructions (pdf) are also available. The IRS has tax tips available for those required to submit a tax transcript as part of the verification process.

Contact our office for additional information or if you have questions