Student Consumer Information

Federal and State Disclosure Requirements Index

Student Complaint Policy and Procedure

Student Complaint Grievance Policy (pdf)

Non-loan Related Disclosure/Training Requirements

Professional Licensure Disclosure Statements

Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Notice of availability of institutional and financial aid information

Students are notified by email to their Alfred State email account prior to the start of each fall and spring semester regarding FERPA, tuition liability policy, registration instructions. Details about all the financial aid programs and eligibility can be found at

FERPA information

Contact information for assistance in obtaining institutional and or financial aid information

Student Financial Assistance

Student financial aid information for each available aid program

Notice of Federal student financial aid penalties for drug law violations

Students are notified in writing and via their Alfred State email account on an individual basis if he or she loses eligibility due to a drug law violation, along with the information on how eligibility can be regained. (We are also going to add the general information related to this law as a separate paragraph under “terms and conditions” on the financial aid page.

Privacy of Records

Annual notification of rights regarding privacy of student records – Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Students are notified via their Alfred State email account prior to the start of each fall and spring semester regarding FERPA.

FERPA Annual Notification

General Institutional Information

Consumer information on College Navigator website

Accessibility facilities and services available to students requiring accommodations

Student body diversity

Student body diversity data is provided from the most recent IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey and Financial Aid Survey on the College Navigator website. Available to current students. Login required.

The most recent IPEDS data is for the 2021/2022 calendar year. The following categories identify the percentage of enrolled, full-time students.

Male – 63%
Female – 37%

Ethnic groups:

American Indian or Alaska Native – 1%
Asian – 2%
Black or African American – 12%
Hispanic/Latino – 11%
White – 70%
Two or more races – 4%
Racial ethnicity unknown – 0%
Non-resident alien – 0%

Pell recipients – 49%

Statement of Accuracy - Student Outcomes Data

When posting Institutional level Student Outcomes data on Alfred State College’s Student Consumer Information page, the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness (OIRPE) ensures the accuracy of the data by regularly testing the links to the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) College Navigator tool to make sure it is displaying the most current and accurate data.

School, department, and academic program level student outcomes data are generated by OIRPE utilizing the same methodology utilized by NCES and the State University of New York (SUNY) to ensure consistency in reporting. OIRPE staff routinely work with Academic Departments to review their publicly displayed data and ensure the accuracy of exam and licensure pass rates.

Also, all Institutional and Program Rankings data are vetted through OIRPE to ensure accuracy in the reporting of these statistics.  

Price of attendance

Net price calculator

Refund policy – provide requirements for withdrawal and return of tuition and financial aid.

All enrolled students are sent an email to their Alfred State email account prior to and during the first week of each semester listing the tuition liability policy.

Textbook information

Textbook information is available the college bookstore website. or by clicking on the textbook information link in BannerWeb. Available to current students. Login required.

Semester schedule information, required and optional text books needs and enrollment information are reported to the college bookstore as part of the main schedule procedures.

Academic program – provide information on educational programs, instructional facilities, and faculty

Alfred State is revising some of its programs in order to comply with the parameters established by the State University of New York (SUNY) for minimum General Education requirements and its Seamless Transfer initiative. Information regarding these requirements can be found at Available to current students. Login required.

Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements

Institutional and program accreditation, approval, or licensure

Refer to the page, under heading "Accreditation/Certification" and on the institutional Accreditations page (

Professional licensure disclosure statements linked at the top of this page.

Student Achievement Data - Student Achievement Measure (SAM)

Alfred State College is an inaugural member of the Student Achievement Measure (SAM), a voluntary transparency initiative where higher education institutions track students across institutions to create a more complete picture of undergraduate student progress and completion within the higher education system.

According to the Student Achievement Measure data models, 69% of first-time, full-time bachelor's degree students and 79% of first-time, full-time associate degree students either graduated from Alfred State or from another institution, or are still enrolled in post-secondary education, after 6 years. 68% of full-time students transferring in from other institutions graduated from Alfred State within 6 years (2016 entering cohort). Alfred State College's Student Achievement Measure page, which also includes disaggregated achievement data for Pell Grant recipients and students of color, can be viewed at this link:

Student Achievement Data - Programs

Current pass rates on licensing exams follows:

  • For the time period of August 2021-July 2022 the RHIT Exam Pass Rate: 86%, twelve of fourteen first-time RHIT examination test-takers passed on their first attempt.  One repeat test taker completed their RHIT exam with a passing score on the second attempt.
  • The VTNE pass rate for the Alfred State Veterinary Technology Program students for July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022 is 84.13%.
  • Registered Professional Nurse licensure exam (NCLEX), Spring 2021, 70.69% first-time candidate pass rate.
  • Radiologic Technology exam (ARRT), 2020, 79% on first attempt.

Student performance in academic programs are reported on the corresponding program pages, available through the Alfred State College Majors page:

Copyright infringement policies and sanctions (including computer use and file sharing)

Unable to register or absences due to religious beliefs – written notice to students about being entitled to equal opportunity to another day of class registration or to make up study or work requirements due to being unable to do so because of religious beliefs Available to current students. Login required.

Teacher Preparation Program

Teacher preparation program report

Not Applicable


Drug and alcohol abuse prevention program

Vaccination policies

Meningitis notification – provide students with written information about the disease

Smoking – post appropriate signs designating smoking or non-smoking areas

For the health of our community, smoking is prohibited on campus except in outside designated smoking areas. See the campus maps for designated areas. Students who need help quitting may get assistance from the Health and Wellness Services Office on campus. This policy reduces involuntary exposure to second-hand smoke and facilitates a healthier environment for students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors, and community members. Thank you for your cooperation.

Crime and Safety

Security report (including emergency response and evacuation procedures), timely warnings, and crime log

Security report – missing person notification policy

Fire safety report and fire log

Vehicle, traffic, and parking regulation

Maintenance of public order – implement and distribute a copy of rules for maintaining public order

Picketing and demonstrations – adopt and update procedures for giving reasonable advance notice of any planned assembly, picketing, or demonstrating on institution grounds

Crowd control during major events – abide by State provisions regarding crowd control during major university events on university grounds

Code of conduct – give copy of rules and policies governing the conduct of students, faculty, and visitors on the campuses to all enrolled students.

Credit card solicitation Available to current students. Login required.

See Advertising, Credit Card Marketing

Bias-related crime notification Available to current students. Login required.

Domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking prevention Available to current students. Login required.


Information for crime victims about disciplinary hearings

Verify that we provide information to the victim of a crime if requested in writing.

Institutional Student Outcomes

Retention rate

Completion/graduation and transfer-out rates (including disaggregated completion/graduation rates)

Completion/graduation and transfer-out rates for students receiving athletically related student aid (including disaggregated completion/graduation rates)

Alfred State does not award athletically related student aid.

Placement in employment

Job placement rates

Types of graduate and professional education in which the institution’s graduates enroll

Intercollegiate Athletic Program

Intercollegiate athletic program participation rates and financial support data

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms

Motor Voter Act

Disclosure Requirements Relating to Education Loans

State grant assistance

Student loan information published by Department of Education

Federal Student Aid - Loans

Federal Student Aid - Manage Loans

Entrance counseling for student borrowers

Exit counseling for student borrowers

Private education loan disclosures (including self-certification form)

Code of Conduct for education loans

Preferred lender lists