Certification Center

Certification Center

About the Certification Center

As of January 2022, the Alfred State Certification Center is now a private testing site for Pearson Vue Tests and Automotive Service of Excellence.  What this means is that the site is available to the public, but they must register and purchase the test through Alfred State.

To Schedule a Test

  • Call the test site at 607-587-3208. 
  • The test site administrator's direct phone line is 607-587-3260.  
  • If no-one answers leave a message with your name and callback number with area code and someone will get back to you.

When the test administrator calls you back you will need:

  • Your date book/personal calendar so we can pick a date to take the test.
  • Name and sponsor of the certification test you want to take.
  • Credit card in hand. 

Scheduling is 100% up to the test site administrator’s discretion.  It is going to be the goal of the test site to test with a full test site of five. 

When coming to take the test

  • If we didn’t purchase the test ahead of time, we will need to purchase the test.
  • Do the paperwork for Pearson Vue and Alfred State College.
  • Then take the test. 

The office is in EJ Brown 410 and the test site is EJ Brown 413 on the Alfred State campus. Everyone one will start at the same time.

Contact Us

EJ Brown, Room 410 and 413
10 Upper College Drive
Phone: 607-586–3208
Email: certificationcenter@alfredstate.edu or rittenrv@alfredstate.edu

Site Manager

Russell V. Rittenhouse