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Rankings and Awards

Rankings and Awards

Each year Alfred State is grateful to be recognized for the college's excellence and achievements, including top national rankings. Rankings are updated each September. Listed below are some of the ways in which the college is proud and honored to be called the best.

Top College Rankings with Selected Majors

When students consult objective sources for college rankings, ASC is among the Top 10 schools in the US for 18 different majors. ASC ranks top seven in New York State for an additional 30 majors.

Top 10 US Rankings:

Top 2      Masonry

No. 2      Building Trades: Building Construction

No. 2      Human Services Management

No. 2      IT: Applications Software Development

No. 3      Automotive Service Technician

No. 3      Computer Engineering Technology

No. 3      Digital Media and Animation

Top 3      Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

No. 3      Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology

No. 3      Veterinary Technology

No. 4      IT: Network Administration

No. 4      IT: Web Development

No. 5      Architectural Technology

Top 5      Heavy Equipment Operations

Top 5      Heavy Equipment, Truck, & Diesel Technician

Top 6      Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Top 6      Healthcare Management

No. 8      Health Information Technology


NY State Rankings:

No. 1      Autobody Repair

No. 1      Automotive Service Technician

No. 1      Building Trades: Building Construction

No. 1      Computer Engineering Technology

No. 1      Construction Engineering Tech

No. 1      Digital Media and Animation

No. 1      Electrical Construction and Maintenance

No. 1      Health Information Technology

No. 1      Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

No. 1      Heavy Equipment Operations

No. 1      Heavy Equipment, Truck & Diesel Technician

No. 1      Human Services Management

No. 1      IT: Applications Software Development

No. 1      IT: Web Development 

No. 1      Masonry

No. 1      Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology

No. 1      Veterinary Technology

No. 2      Architectural Technology  

No. 2      Cyber Security

No. 2      Financial Planning

No. 2      Healthcare Management

No. 2      IT: Network Administration

No. 2      Mechanical Engineering Tech

No. 2      Nursing RN to BSN

No. 3      Electrical Engineering Tech

No. 4      Culinary Arts

Top 4      Mechatronics Technology

No. 6      Forensic Science Technology

Top 6      Graphic and Media Design

Top 7      Culinary Arts: Baking, Production & Management

Top 7      Marketing

There are a number of databases available where students can filter all US colleges and universities to list only those offering a selected program. A detailed alphabetized list of the Top College Rankings with Selected Majors includes links to each of the sources for the college rankings.

US News & World Report: Best Colleges

The prestigious US News list compares Alfred State to all Northern Regional Colleges in an 11-state territory of the northeastern US. The honors listed below include links to all web rankings that are publicly available without a subscription to the ranking organization's website.


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