Parking Registration

Parking Registration

All student and faculty vehicle registrations should be processed online until further notice.

*Due to Covid-19 and social distancing practices, you will need to pre-register your vehicle information on BannerWeb prior to arriving on campus. If you have not pre-registered your vehicle when processing your bill on BannerWeb, you may still do so by signing into your BannerWeb account. Once you have pre-registered your vehicle online, you must stop by the University Police Department to pick up the pass.

Student Registration

Students may register their vehicle (only one registration per student) when processing their bill online in BannerWeb (click on Student Services & Financial Aid Menu, Student Accounts, Pay/Process Bill and then enter your vehicle information). Your student semester bill will need to be paid and processed before you are allowed to obtain a parking permit. If you are unable to pre-register online, you may come to the University Police Department and register the vehicle in person, please bring the completed vehicle registration form. We are open 24/7. Be sure to bring proper identification.

The University Police Department does not accept vehicle registration payments. The fees must be paid online or at Student Records & Financial Services in the Agriculture Science Building.

Attention: For Fall Semester Only

There are designated registration hours to pick up your permit at University Police at the beginning of the fall semester during the first week of classes. Please check your email for announcements indicating the hours. Following the first week of classes in the fall semester, you may obtain your permit anytime at University Police, but remember failure to have your permit hanging in your vehicle will result in a parking violation.

The $95 parking registration fee will be charged to the student bill automatically upon being registered in BannerWeb. This is an annual fee that cannot be prorated for a partial year.

Remember, vehicles are not considered registered unless the permit (hang tag) is hanging and clearly displayed from the vehicle's rear view mirror while parked on campus at all times.

Parking regulations are available online and a printed copy may be obtained at University Police.

Wellsville Campus Commuters "Non-Campus Resident Student"

Commuters (not living on campus) taking classes only at the Wellsville campus, may pick up their online pre-registered permits from their program's department secretary during normal business hours Monday - Friday. For commuters who need to complete their registration, they will need to stop at the Alfred campus to obtain their permit.

Faculty and Staff Registration

*At this time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all Faculty/Staff will need to register your vehicle online. All permits (hangtags) will be mailed to your department address. Please do not register at University Police in person at this time. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this unusual time.

Faculty and staff should register your vehicle and pay online thru BannerWeb (go to the Faculty/Staff home screen, click the BannerWeb tab, Personal Information tab, Vehicle Registration tab, then the Credit Card Payment tab). Once registered, your permit will be mailed through campus mail to your department address. Please make sure your campus address is up-to-date.

If you are unable to register online for some reason, you may stop by the University Police Department to obtain your parking permit. When registering in person, please bring the completed vehicle registration form (pdf) along with a check or money order made payable to Alfred State for the exact registration fee of $5. UPD does not accept cash payments. You may also send a check or money order (no cash) through the campus mail to University Police, Theta Gamma House along with a completed vehicle registration form (pdf) and have the parking permit mailed to your department.

*There is a limitation of one vehicle permit per employee. The permits can be switched out to other vehicles that only you drive to campus, they are NOT allowed to be shared with other individuals to serve as their registration. We will make an exception for an additional permit if requested, but the permit is only to be used by you.