Bucket List

Bucket List

50+ Ways to be a PioneerBeyond the hands-on-learning, studying, and career preparation, Alfred State Pioneers enjoy tons of events, a variety of sports, and 100+ clubs. Check out photos of how Pioneers of the past enjoyed many similar interests, while you use this "bucket list" to explore campus and the surrounding area.

#1 - #10 WHAT TO DO?

Pioneer Woodsmen

Woodsmen's Club - Today
Talent Shows - Then

Talent Shows - Then
   . What to Do?
  • Applaud the ASC Bands, Choirs, and Drama Club
  • Enjoy timber sports with the Woodsmen’s Club
  • Join a club, organization, and/or go Greek
  • Benefit from Stress-Free Night for finals  
  • Be a DJ or suggest music for WETD.FM  
  • Go to Homecoming / Family Weekend
  • Show off at Alfred State’s Got Talent
  • Compete with Games Nation in SLC
  • Grow at a Cultural Exploration Event
  • Bring a friend to a Late Night Event



Bakery - Today
Hot Dog Day - Then

Hot Dog Day - Then
Feed Your Curiosity
Taste a local favorite:
  1. apple cider
  2. beef on weck
  3. Buffalo wings
  4. chicken riggies
  5. chicken spiedies
  6. garbage plate
  7. maple syrup
  • Devour some hot dogs on Hot Dog Day
  • Visit the Refinery Restaurant and Bakery
  • Eat at every ASC dining option on campus

#21 - #30 EXPLORE MORE

Letchworth Park

Letchworth - Today
Rafting - Then

Rafting - Then
Explore More            
  • Shop in Hornell
  • Visit the Wellsville campus
  • Enjoy the Village of Alfred Art Walk
  • See what Box of Books is giving away
  • Consider learning overseas and Study Abroad
  • Support homegrown at the farmers market
  • Explore Letchworth or another great park
  • Take a trip with Campus Recreation
  • Use CSA at a local business
  • “Get lost” in MacKenzie


Rock Wall

Rock Wall - Today
Pool - Then

Orvis Pool - Then
  • Hike the Pioneer Trail or slide the Tubing Hill
  • Play or cheer for a club or intramural sport
  • Root for the home team at an ASC game
  • Visit the Oasis & Mind Spa in SLC
  • Check out the indoor rock wall
  • Enjoy Pioneer Fitness Center
  • Splash into the pool in Orvis
  • Tailgate at a football game
  • Walk to help Relay for Life
  • Climb the stairs to Peet​


College Farm

College Farm - Today
Graduation - Then

Graduation - Then
     Pioneer Pride
  • Help others on a day of service
  • Fist bump the college president
  • Take a selfie at the entrance wall
  • Buy some swag at the campus store
  • Visit the animals at the college farm
  • Tell a friend or relative why you love ASC
  • Learn from an internship or co-op program
  • Polish your resume with Career Development
  • Launch your career after graduating from ASC
  • Stay connected to ASC and join an alumni chapter
  • And “Hit the ground running… in all that you do!