Alfred State Historic Timeline

Arial view of Alfred State campus

For each generation in our timeline, the events listed reflect our college, students, and national trends. Alfred State College is constantly evolving and adapting. As long as educational leaders believe success is measured by our students’ achievements in launching great careers and building better lives, Pioneers will stay on the path to success.

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1908 • School of Agriculture

Village parade in 1908
1908 parade to celebrate the school's founding.
1908 Gov. Hughes established the New York State School of Agriculture on May 8.
1909 Instruction began Oct. 18 with four faculty, 10 female students, and 36 men.
1910 Agriculture Hall opened for classes. Demolished in 1970 for NYS School of Ceramics.
1913 All 148 students were members of the Country Life Club to promote farm living.
1917 During WWI, the Bachelor’s Club was for military students and those producing food.
1920 Members of the Bachelor’s Club then established Gamma Theta Gamma fraternity.
1922 Tau Sigma Alpha sorority was established with 24 members.
1926 As few as 48 students enrolled, but classes continued through the Great Depression.

1935 • Alfred Ag Tech

Village parade in 1908
Musical Director Anthony "Cappy" Cappadonia
1937 Enrollment increased with business administration and building trades added.
1941 Junior College recognition for NYS Agricultural and Technical Institute at Alfred.
1945 Benevolent Association formed to manage facilities with private investment.
1948 Multiple buildings opened on the current campus west of Main Street.
1949 The State University of New York system was established after WWII.
1950 Music program added with Anthony Cappadonia director.
1952 Athletics added for basketball, golf, cross country, track, and field.
1956 Purchase of 150-acre Saunders Farm approved for western expansion of the campus.

1960 • Alfred State Tech

Village parade in 1908
Wellsville campus at old Sinclair refinery.
1965 Enrollment growth leads to expansion including the library and Central Dining Hall.
1966 Happy Valley Ski Slope opened from the highest point on campus to Route 244.
1967 Wellsville vocational pilot program is made permanent at former Sinclair refinery.
1969 Paul Orvis Activities Center opened. Enrollment reached 3,000 students.
1971 First NJCAA National Championship honors for men’s swimming and skiing teams.
1972 First Hot Dog Day charity event and festival was held April 24.
1973 Hinkle Belltower added, and MacKenzie opened as the largest SUNY residence hall.
1983 Business Hall dedicated to former Dean and Professor E.J. Brown.

1985 • Alfred State College

Village parade in 1908

President Anderson cuts ribbon for new stadium.
1991 Alfred State added four-year bachelor’s degrees.
1992 Huntington Administration Bldg. and Hunter Student Development Ctr. dedicated.
1995 Football played an inaugural season. Sugar Hill Industrial Park founded.
1998 Food court opened to offer more selections in Central Dining Hall.
1999 Installation of Wi-Fi technology in every campus building, a first for SUNY.
2006 NYS established the Center for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture at the Alfred farm.
2007 Townhouses opened. ASC honored for the first time on US News Best Colleges list.
2009 Pioneer Stadium opened for football, soccer, track, and field.

2010 • WNY Leadership

Village parade in 1908

Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Center
2011 Zero Energy Home opened with green technology in Wellsville.
2012 New Student Leadership Center and renovated Physical and Health Sciences opened.
2013 Alfred State entered NCAA Division III athletic competition.
2016 Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Center opened in Wellsville.
2017 A new college logo and mascot, Big Blue the Ox, were developed for the Pioneers.
2018 MacKenzie Commons opened, and Workforce Development Center completed. 
2020 First graduating class at the Northland Workforce Training Center in Buffalo.

College Leaders for Alfred State

Village parade in 1908

Agriculture Hall opened for classes in 1910.
1908 – 1911 Director Ora S. Morgan
1911 – 1912 Acting Director Charles O. Dubois
1912 – 1918 Director William J. Wright
1918 – 1919 Acting Director Willard R. Cone
1919 – 1920 Director Carl E. Ladd
1920 – 1936 Director Archie E. Champlin 
1936 – 1960 Director Paul B. Orvis
1960 – 1961 Acting President Walter C. Hinkle
1961 – 1964 President Walter C. Hinkle
1964 Acting President Roger F. Rawe
1964 – 1986 President David H. Huntington
1986 – 1993 President John O. Hunter
1993 – 2003 President William D. Rezak
2003 – 2006 President Uma Gupta
2006 – 2007 Acting President John B. Clark
2007 – 2008 Acting President Ronald Rosati
2008 – 2013 President John M. Anderson
2013 – 2014 Acting President Valerie B. Nixon
2014 – 2021 President Irby “Skip” D. Sullivan
2021 – 2022 Officer in Charge John M. Anderson
2022 – Now President Steven A. Mauro