Frequently Asked Questions about Paying for College

Below are answers to the most commonly asked financial aid questions and a series of how-to-videos to assist you with common steps in the financial aid and billing process.

You can also check out Financial Aid Answers 24/7 and the Federal Student Aid YouTube Channel to view short informative videos for quick and easy answers to many of your general financial aid questions.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Federal Student Aid website. For detailed instructions, please see our financial aid page.

When will I hear about my financial aid plan?

Accepted and current students who filed a FAFSA will receive their financial aid plan in March for the 2024-2025 academic year or approximately 3 weeks after they file their completed FAFSA, whichever date is later. Once a processed FAFSA has been received by Alfred State, students may also check the status of their aid and any requirements on Students will also receive financial aid notices via their e-mail account.

What academic scholarships are available?

There are a variety of scholarships available. A Financial Aid brochure Resource Guide is included in the acceptance folder. Information regarding any scholarship application procedures are outlined in the guide. If an incoming student wants more information, they should contact the Admissions Office at 607-587-4215 or 1-800-4-ALFRED.

Is it possible to appeal the financial aid being offered?

Yes. If you or your family are experiencing any type of change in income, family size or other forms of economic hardship it is possible to appeal your financial aid offer. The appeal needs to be in writing and may require certain types of documentation. Contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office for more information and assistance.

Should I submit the enrollment deposit now?

It is to your benefit to submit the deposit by the due date. By doing so, you will secure a spot in your chosen major as well as in the residence hall if living on campus. You can also sign up for orientation once the deposit is paid. If you submit the deposit and then decide not to attend Alfred State, you have until June 1 to request in writing a full refund.

What are housing costs?

The room cost is based on the type (standard double, single, or townhouse) and/or size (small, large, or double single) of room. Each residential student is required to purchase a meal plan which should be figured in when you're planning your budget.

For more information, call 1-800-4-ALFRED and press Option 2 to speak with the Student Records and Financial Services Office.

Will I receive a 1098-T tax form?

The 1098-T tax forms are mailed in January from Albany. You will not receive a 1098-T if the total of your scholarships and grants (free aid) exceeds the total of your eligible college charges. Spring tuition bills are invoiced in November therefore the Spring eligible college charges will be included on the tax form for the year the bill was invoiced. Eligible college charges include tuition, college fee, activity fee, athletic fee, technology fee, health fee, transportation fee, fitness center fee, course fees and transcript fee.

What if students have not paid the deposit by the due date but would like to pay it now?

Contact Admissions at 607-587-4215 or 1-800-4-ALFRED.

What are the advantages of a campus spending account?

The campus spending account is a debit account that you can access with your student ID card. Just like any debit account it allows you to make purchases on campus and at select off-campus partners -- all without having to carry cash. It is a great money management tool for college.

CSA is available to every students. It appears as an optional fee on your student bill. If you are eligible for a financial aid refund, it is an easy way to purchase books and supplies before classes begin and before your refund in available. You may change the amount, increase or decrease it, or delete it totally from your bill. Students in certain curricula will need much more, others much less. You can also add money to your account online at any time. Others can make deposits in your account after you have logged in for the first time and if you give the depositor your Alfred State ID Number.

Does my course require an additional fee?

Fees can be researched using the course fees chart.