Bill Processing Checklist

Bill Processing Checklist

Have you filed a financial aid application (FAFSA) and completed your TAP (Tuition Assistance Program, NYS residents only) application?

Have you completed your Financial Aid paperwork? You must complete all requests from the Student Records and Financial Services Office regarding your financial aid, including loan information (See BannerWeb). Proof of outside funding sources not printed on the bill must be provided. Payment of the bill before aid is completed will result in a refund when your financial aid is received.

Are you using a Monthly Payment Plan? For the Monthly Payment Plan click on BannerWeb, then select Instructions, click on Bill Processing. The monthly payment plan option will show with payment options unless you have defaulted on the plan in a previous term.

Have you scheduled your classes on BannerWeb? Part-time students are billed per credit hour, so all part-time classes must be scheduled before you can process your bill. If your bill indicates you are full-time and you want to be part-time, you will need to notify the Student Records and Financial Services Office before processing your bill.

Have you paid any holds from previous terms? You will not be allowed to register for classes if you owe for a previous term. Current-term financial aid cannot be used to pay a prior balance.

Have you been billed for room and meal charges, but are planning to live off campus? Room and meal charges may not be removed without an approved housing waiver on file in the Residential Life Office. These changes must be completed before you process your bill. The housing waiver form may be downloaded, filled out and brought to the Residential Life Office or you may call 607-587-4326.

Have you decided not to attend Alfred State? If your college plans have changed and you will not be enrolling, it is your responsibility to notify the Student Records and Financial Services Office in writing (include your student ID # or social security #) that you will not be attending. Notification must be received prior to 4 p.m. on final registration day. Students who withdraw after final registration day will be assessed a fee and must complete an official withdrawal form and return it to the Student Records and Financial Services Office. You must complete this form after final registration day, even if you did not attend any classes. (The official withdrawal date is the date that the form is received by the Student Records and Financial Services Office.) Be sure to refer to the email regarding Semester Tuition & Fees Refund/Liability Policy; you may have incurred a financial liability.

Process your bill early to allow time to correct possible errors. All bills must be signed if mailed or faxed or you may process the bill online. Due to the signature requirement, no bill payments can be processed over the telephone. You will need to process your bill even if no balance is due. We strongly suggest that you process your bill online. Please allow 5 days for processing if you mail or fax your bill to us.