Parking Regulations

I. Purpose

The parking and traffic regulations set forth have been established pursuant to Trustees’ Resolution 72-186 relating to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking so that an orderly pattern of motor vehicle control on campus may be achieved. The Vehicle and Traffic Law shall apply upon the highways, streets, roads, and sidewalks owned or controlled by the State University of New York (SUNY). Orders of the Department of Transportation heretofore or hereafter promulgated for SUNY shall continue in full force and effect.

It is strongly recommended that the following regulations and guidelines be read carefully. All persons driving on this campus are responsible for knowing and understanding these rules. Ignorance of the enacted rules and regulations is no excuse for illegal parking or other offenses.

For the purpose of these regulations, campus boundaries consist of all properties owned and/or controlled by the college.

Operating a motor vehicle on campus properties is a privilege and constitutes acceptance by the owner and/or operator of the responsibility to assure that their vehicle is neither parked nor operated in violation of any applicable state law or regulation, including the Vehicle and Traffic Law, applicable orders of the Department of Transportation, and SUNY traffic regulation.

This college assumes no responsibility for a vehicle or its contents. This includes any damage caused by moving, towing, or storage.

II. Scope

These regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicles on college property, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Motor vehicle is defined in Section 125, New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

The private operation of snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and all-terrain vehicles on college-owned and controlled properties is prohibited.

III. Enforcement

The vehicle registration and ticket function is under the direction of the Chief of University Police and undertakes the enforcement of parking and traffic regulations.

IV. Parking Regulations

A. Registration

All licensed motor vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, motorcycles, and other motor-operated vehicles to be operated or parked on college property, must be registered through the University Police Department.  Visitors must register their vehicles immediately to avoid enforcement violations through the University Police Department in the Theta Gamma House on the Alfred campus or at the Zero Energy Home on the Wellsville campus. Learn more about vehicle registration for students, faculty and staff. We are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached at 607-587-3999.

B. Fees

1. The annual faculty and staff vehicle registration fee is $5 per vehicle. Replacement permits (hang tags) are $5 per vehicle. There is a limit of one permit (hang tag), unless issued for special circumstances. The parking permit is not to be shared or transferred to anyone else.

2. The annual student vehicle registration fee is $95 ($84 is dedicated for student parking enhancement and $11 for parking registration). There is a $10 replacement fee assessed for lost or stolen permits. Students may register only one vehicle and possess one permit for that vehicle. Exception for student motorcycle owners: a student may transfer their registration between a vehicle and motorcycle to avoid the additional $95 fee, but may not have both vehicle and motorcycle on campus at the same time. To do this, the motorcycle sticker would need to be removed (scraped off the bike's fork) and returned in exchange for the hang tag or vice versa. If a student changes vehicles anytime during the year, they may transfer their hang tag to the other vehicle and notify University Police of the vehicle change at no charge.

3. Students that register their vehicle in person at University Police will automatically be charged the $95. This $95 will be applied to their student account. University Police does not accept payment for vehicle registrations. The registration fee may be paid in person at Student Financial Services located in the Agriculture Science Building. This is the same process as registering online through BannerWeb whereas the student's account is charged $95 and the student will have 30 days in which to pay the registration fee before late charges are accessed.

4. Temporary parking registration is free to all visitors, students, faculty and staff. However, there is a 14 day maximum allowance for the academic year for students, faculty and staff. This process is monitored and enforced as the temporary permits are not to be used in place of annual vehicle registration to avoid the registration fee.

C. Parking Permits (Hang Tags)

1. Students, faculty and staff must display their permit (hang tag) from the rear view mirror of their vehicle with the printed side of the hang tag facing forward at all times while parked on campus. If the hang tag is not displayed properly from the rear view mirror, the vehicle will be considered "unregistered" and will be ticketed accordingly. Permits displayed on the rear view mirror while any motor vehicle is being operated on a public highway, off-campus, is contrary to section 375.30 of the NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law, and may subject drivers to enforcement from law enforcement.

2. Permits (hang tags) are not transferable between persons. The permit is registered to an individual and therefore, the registrant is not allowed to share or give the permit to anyone else. Any tickets associated with a particular permit, become the financial responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle for which the permit was issued.

3. Permits (hang tags) may be transferred to a new vehicle or different vehicle that the registrant will be driving to campus.

4. A student who is a spouse or a child of a faculty/staff member must register their own vehicle and not use the faculty/staff member's issued permit. A student's use, or attempted use, of another person's faculty/staff permit to avoid paying the student registration fee or to gain access to designated faculty/staff parking areas is prohibited. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in a loss of parking privileges on campus for both the student and the faculty/staff member.

5. The loss or theft of a permit should be reported immediately to the University Police Department.

6. Any changes in the vehicle registration plate number must be updated through the University Police Department.

7. Part-time employees must register their vehicles.

8. Part-time continuing education students must register their vehicles.

9. Alfred State veteran and military students (including active duty, reservists & NYS National Guard) shall be exempt from parking fees. Parking fees will be waived upon completion of the Exemption Form (pdf) and submitting it to University Police with your documentation (DD Form 214, NGB22 or Military ID) in-person or by email at

10. A "project car" used in connection with enrollment in an automotive program will be given a special permit at the Wellsville campus that allows the vehicle to be parked at the program's location at no additional charge.

11. It is the responsibility of the registrant of the vehicle to see that drivers of their vehicle know and adhere to these regulations.

D. Authorized Parking Areas

Parking signs have been erected indicating designated parking areas for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The map will help to further identify these specified areas. Vehicle parking in any area not shown (including walkways, roadways, ramp areas, areas adjacent to buildings, etc.) is prohibited. No person shall park a vehicle on the college premises in such a manner as to interfere with the use of a fire hydrant, fire lane, or other emergency zone; create any other hazard; or unreasonably interfere with the free and proper use of a roadway or pedestrian walkway. No motor vehicle shall be parked anywhere on campus property in any manner creating a hazardous or unsightly condition; elevated on blocks or makeshift stands; missing wheels or other major parts. Any motor vehicle parked in such a manner may be ticketed and removed by University Police, at the owner's expense. This section shall not apply to project cars on the Wellsville campus, as defined in sub. 10, of Section IV. C, of the Parking Regulations.

E. Special Parking

1. ADA accessible parking spaces are available on campus. Please refer to the Alfred and Wellsville campus parking maps to identify these areas. A vehicle displaying NYS ADA accessible plates or government hang tags may park in these spaces as per the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law.

2. Visitors and guests to the campus must register their vehicles. There is no charge for temporary parking permits (hang tags). These permits must be displayed at all times from the vehicles' rear view mirror while parked on campus. Visitors and guests may only park in designated visitor and student parking spaces. These temporary permits may be obtained at the University Police Department 24/7 on the Alfred campus and at the Zero Energy Home on the Wellsville campus during normal business hours.

3. Electronic Parking Permits (e-passes) for a group function or special event may be obtained through University Police by emailing the department's email at: These requests shall be made at least one week in advance. Permits requested without advance notice may be issued at University Police from dispatch.

4. Commuter students holding a valid commuter parking permit may use the following faculty/staff parking lots between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. to allow for evening classes, labs, library, etc. The lots are: 6, 7, 10, 11, 28, and 29

5. Wellsville project cars - refer to Section C above for details.

F. Parking Areas

1. Existing hard-surfaces areas have painted lines identifying parking spaces. Parking elsewhere or in an undersigned parking space in the area is prohibited.

2. There are student parking areas located at the ACES bus garage and the Vet Tech building areas. Bus transportation is available from these areas during the day to the Alfred      campus.

3. Designated Parking Spaces:

    Faculty/Staff may park in all designated faculty/staff lots and spaces along with all designated student lots and spaces but are prohibited from parking in any designated visitor      or reserved space.

    Commuter students may park in all designated commuter lots and spaces along with all designated student lots and spaces but are prohibited from parking in any designated      visitor, reserved or faculty/staff lot or space with exception noted under Section E4 above.

    Upper division and first year students may only park in designated student lots and spaces and are prohibited from parking in any designated visitor, reserved or faculty/staff        lot with no exceptions.

4. All parking areas are subject to change or closing due to snow removal, construction, special events, etc. or any unforeseen circumstances.

G. Vehicle Access to Residence Halls

Students may park short term (not to exceed 15 minutes) on loading ramps in front of residence halls for the purpose of loading and unloading belongings. Vehicles must have their four-way flashers on during this time.

V. Traffic Regulations

The council of each State University unit shall adopt campus rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the Vehicle and Traffic Law, relating to vehicular parking, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and safety. All such rules shall be submitted to SUNY for review and action.

Traffic regulations on campus roadways are posted in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Controls. State University Police Departments are empowered to enforce all ordinances and laws pertaining to traffic regulations.

The maximum permissible speed is 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted (radar controlled). No person shall drive a vehicle on college streets, roads, or highways at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regards to the actual and potential hazards then existing. Full stop at all stop signs is required. Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Yield signs must be strictly observed.

VI. Appeals

A. Procedures and Process

1. The summons regarding any violation of a campus parking regulation shall be in writing, stating the nature of the violation, time, and location of the violation.

2. The summons shall indicate the amount of the fine assessable for the violation, and advise that if the person charged does not dispute the violation, the fine must then be paid within (5) business days of the date of issuance.

*Refer to section VII Penalties below for payment options.

3. The summons shall indicate that an appeal may be requested within (5) business days of the date of issuance by completing an Appeal Form (pdf) and submitting it in person to the University Police Department on the Alfred campus 24/7 and at University Police on the Wellsville campus during normal business hours. Any appeals submitted later than five business days, are not eligible for appeal.

4. Completed appeals should include:

  • Name, campus ID/address, and email address
  • Ticket number(s) and vehicle plate number
  • Date, time, and location of parking violation
  • Parking violation(s) listed on the ticket
  • Reason for appealing the parking violation along with any evidence or further details

5. The summons shall note that if the alleged violator fails to appeal within the period as prescribed by the College Council in paragraph number three above, the complaint is sustained and shall warrant such action as may then be appropriate. The chief administrative officer shall designate a hearing panel of three persons to hear complaints for violation of campus traffic and parking regulations enforceable on campus. Such hearing panels shall not be bound by the rules of evidence, but may hear or receive any testimony or evidence directly relevant to the issues presented. Each panel will consist of one faculty member, one staff member, and one student who do not consult with one another when rendering decisions.

a. Conditions for automatic approval of appeals without use of a hearing panel are if a ticket for an unregistered vehicle is issued due to failing to display the permit (hangtag) properly on the rearview mirror and a subsequent appeal can verify that the vehicle was both (1) currently registered and (2) cited in a location consistent with the regulations category (e.g., faculty/staff member parked in faculty/staff parking; first year or upper division student parked in designated student parking, etc.), an appeal may be granted to dismiss the ticket by the Chief Administrator of University Police in the interest of justice.

6. At the conclusion of the appeal process you will receive notification of the majority decision by email to the address provided on the appeal form by the violator with a decision of either sustained or dismissed.

7. All decisions by the hearing panel are final and there is no further recourse.

VII. Penalties

A. Payment and Collection of Fines

It will be the responsibility of each alleged violator to pay the full and correct amount of the fine(s). The prosecution and collection of fine involving visitors shall be in accordance with applicable law. In the case of students, registration of classes and transcripts shall be withheld and the student will not be eligible to register for classes or receive transcripts until any and all overdue and unpaid fine(s) are satisfied. In the case of Alfred State employees, unpaid parking fines are subject to wage garnishment as authorized by section 360 (1c) of the New York State Education Law. In addition, overdue and unpaid fines may be referred to a collection agency and any additional fees incurred will be added to the outstanding balance due. Three or more unresolved violations of campus parking regulations in an 18-month period by the same person, shall result in a referral of the vehicles' registered owner to the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for review in considering the renewal of their operator's license and/or a motor vehicle registration, and the imposition of a fee as approved by the campus president or designee to meet the administrative costs of such referral.

1. Parking violations may be paid by the following options:

  • Through your online BannerWeb account by accessing Student Services & Financial Aid page, Student Records page, Pay Holds page and follow the instructions provided.
  • By credit card, check, cash, money order, or account balance at Student Records and Financial Services located in the Agriculture & Science Building during their normal business hours
  • Check or a money order made payable to Alfred State College and mailed to Alfred State College c/o Student Records and Financial Services, Agriculture & Science Building, 10 Upper College Drive, Alfred, New York, 14802. Please include your college ID (if applicable), parking summons number, license plate or other identifying information to process the payments.

B. Violations and Fines

Violation Fine
Blocking $25
Faculty / Staff Space $25
Fire Lane $35
ADA Accessible Space $45
Improper Permit for Location $25
Lawn $25
Loading Zone $25
No Parking, Stopping, or Standing $25
No Parking - Overnight / Reserved Lots $25
Out of Space $25
Ramp $25
Residence Director $25
Sidewalk $25
Vehicle Not Registered / No Hang Tag on Mirror $25
Visitor Parking $25
Wheel Lock $35
Other $25

C. Towing and Wheel Locks

1. Vehicles parked in violation of regulations that include handicapped spaces, fire lanes, sidewalks, blocking access, or signage and pavement markings in place are subject to towing at the owner's expense.

2. University Police reserves the right to temporarily prohibit parking in designated lots. These lots will be blocked-off with signage, cones, barricades or any combination thereof. Violations of these temporary orders are subject to towing at the owner's expense.

3. Vehicle owners receiving and failing to pay three (3) or more tickets are subject to being towed or having a wheel lock placed on their vehicle with an additional fee of $35 plus $5 day for up to four (4) days. After four (4) days, if the wheel lock fee and all outstanding tickets are not paid, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. Separate towing fees will be assessed by the towing service and will have to be paid directly to them. All outstanding ticket fines and fees must be paid to University Police before the towing service will be authorized to release the impounded vehicle.

D. Abandoned Vehicles

A motor vehicle shall be deemed abandoned if left more than 48 hours in one spot without permission. The vehicle shall be disposed of in accordance with the Vehicle and Traffic Law, Section 1224.

E. Suspension of Revocation of Parking Privileges

Student, faculty and staff parking privileges may be suspended or revoked upon finding that three (3) or more campus parking violations have been incurred.

VIII. Snow Removal

Any snow accumulation that leaves five (5) inches or more of snow in parking lots will trigger a series of actions by Facilities Services and the University Police that aid in the clearing of campus parking lots. Students will receive notification via Student Announce when it is necessary to relocate their vehicles to facilitate the snow removal process. Facilities will schedule a crew to clear the student parking lots sometimes on Saturday and Sunday when the lots have been cleared of vehicles. In order to facilitate this policy, University Police will use all methods necessary for compliance up to and including towing of vehicles at the owner's expense.

IX. Shuttle Service

A shuttle bus coinciding with class sessions operated around the perimeter of the Alfred campus at a quarter to the hour and transports students between the Alfred and Wellsville campus. Learn more about transportation services.

IX. Parking Concerns

Any questions or concerns related to the parking on campus, or rules and regulations, shall be directed to the following email: Note: this email account is not to be used for appealing a parking ticket.

The foregoing rules and regulations are subject to change to comply with NYS legislative action and revisions to SUNY parking and traffic procedures.

Adopted by the Alfred State College Council's regular meeting Aug. 30, 1972.

By the College Council Aug. 29, 2022