Housing FAQ

Housing FAQ

What date can I move into my residence hall room?

The move in date can be found on our academic calendar.

Are single rooms available?

Yes, designated singles are available in the MacKenzie Complex, Getman Hall, Robinson Champlin Hall, the Townhouse Complex, and the MacKenzie Commons on a first-come, first-served basis. The opportunity to have a single room is very slim, especially for first year students. Residency in the townhouses and MacKenzie Commons is limited to continuing/returning students.

Based on observations, first-year students generally have a more positive experience when they have a roommate. There is an additional cost for singles.

Are there computers in the residence halls?

Most residence halls have publicly accessible computers, but if a student would like to bring their own computer from home, access to the college network is available in all residence hall rooms. Laptop computers are available to purchase through the Campus Store.

Are there times when a student is expected to go home?

There are times when a student is expected to go home. Unless a student is an approved resident of an extended stay area, students are required to vacate campus facilities when classes are concluded. For more information, consult the License for Residence, our agreement with you for residential services.

How are room assignments made and may a student choose his/her own roommate?

Room sign-ups for returning students begin in March. Returning and transfer students are given first opportunity to select their preferred housing style. First year students are able to start choosing their rooms in mid-April. If space allows, there are opportunities for room and residence hall changes during the first two week of classes of each semester. After this period, room changes are only made in emergency situations.

Yes, a student may choose his/her roommate. On your BannerWeb you are able to select your room and a friend will have the opportunity to sign-up for the same room your choose

Any questions concerning room assignments should be directed to the Residential Life Office at 607-587‑4371 or 1-800-4-ALFRED.

How are the rooms furnished?

All standard double rooms are furnished with two of each of the following: beds and mattresses (twin size, extra long), floor or ceiling lamps, dressers, closets, desks, and desk chairs. Furniture assigned to your room is your responsibility - it's for your room only and must not be removed or traded with other students.

How many students live on campus?

Approximately 75% of students live on campus.

How often should a student go home?

It all depends on the student how often they should go home. Residential Life recommends students stay on campus, especially on the weekend, as much as possible. College is a full-time job. For your student to succeed academically as well as socially, a tremendous amount of time must be committed. If your student is a four-and-one-half-day a week participant, leaving campus every weekend, there is no possibility of achieving the full college experience. That's a big loss from our perspective!

If a student is shy, what can Residential Life do to get him/her involved?

There are many things we can do. In addition to a professional Residence Director, each of our residential facilities is staffed by student Resident Assistants whose primary responsibility is the development of community among their residents. Building a community among students from every race, background, and belief system is a big task. RAs are very active in getting students involved in campus programming and services. That is the best interest for everyone.

Is there a residence hall specifically for Wellsville students?

No, all students reside on the Alfred campus and are housed in one of the 14 residence halls on campus.

Is there special housing for first year students?

First-year students can choose to live anywhere on campus, except the Townhouses and MacKenzie Commons. All residence halls are usually made up of a mix of first-year and returning students. Also, Braddon Hall and Burdick Hall will house only first-year students.

May a student live off campus?

It is mandatory for all students to live on campus unless they are waived due to special circumstances. Examples of special circumstances include:

  • Married
  • Have dependents for whom you provide direct care
  • live with parent(s), grandparent, or legal guardian within 60 miles of the Alfred campus
  • Honorably discharged veteran (submit DD214)
  • 23 years of age or older
  • possess a baccalaureate degree
  • meet academic eligibility criteria as outline in the policies governing waiver eligibility *Blackboard video required
  • Internship - (Academic Advisor confirmation required) *Blackboard video required

A housing waiver application must be completed for the Residential Life Office to consider off-campus housing.

What are housing costs?

The room cost is based on the type (standard double, corridor style, suite style, single, or townhouse) and/or size (small, large, or double single) of room. Each residential student is required to purchase a meal plan which should be figured in when you're planning your budget.

For more information, call 1-800-4-ALFRED and ask to speak to the Student Records and Financial Services Office.

What is the best residence hall to live in?

All of our residence hall communities have their own special attributes. As a student at Alfred State, you can choose from a number of different residence hall lifestyles all with unique amenities. You can choose to live in one of our corridor residence halls which include Braddon Hall, Burdick Hall, Getman Hall, Peet Hall, Shults Hall, and R/C Hall. These residence halls consist of several rooms and a bathroom(s) opening onto a long hallway. Another option is one of our suite style residence halls which include MacKenzie North, South, East, and West, Main Gate A, and Main Gate B. These residence halls have three or four rooms sharing a common lounge and bathroom. We also provide an opportunity for students to take advantage of townhouse/apartment living right on campus. Each townhouse/apartment has a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and single room for each of the students residing there. For more information about living on campus, please call the Residential Life Office at 607-587-4326.

When do I get my room assignment?

Room assignments are mailed out during late June for the upcoming semester. If you do not receive a room assignment, contact Residential Life at 607-587-4371.

Am I allowed to have guests?

Students may have guests 17 years of age and older. Guests must check in at the residence hall office upon arrival and may only visit for three days within a 10-day period. Any guest under the age of 17 must be a family member and prior written permission must be provided by the parent/guardian of the minor. The Office of Residential Life also encourages conversations to occur with roommates before any guest arrives.

Do I have to move out of my room during college breaks?

There are four breaks during the school year when the residence halls close. Fall mini break occurs during October, Thanksgiving break in late November, winter break in December, and spring break in March. Students are asked to leave campus during this time, with the exception of students that meet the criteria outlined in the break application:

  • Home address is 500 miles away from the campus
  • Member of a college approved club or academic team
  • Working on campus with supervisors approval
  • Student athlete if game or practice will occur during the break
  • Meet special circumstances with Residence Director approval

Do I have to remove all my belongings between the fall semester and the spring semester?

No, unless you are not returning for the spring semester. We do, however, ask that you take anything of value such as laptops, cash, video games, etc., home with you.

Should we get renters insurance?

Please check your homeowner’s insurance policy to verify if the student’s belongings are covered. The college recommends students obtain renters insurance if not covered under their parent’s policy.

What if I do not get along with my roommate?

It is important to remember that communication is the key to an effective roommate relationship. If you and your roommate take the time to discuss any problems and work together to solve those problems, then you are off to a good start. However, sometimes difficulties may arise that need more attention. If this type of situation does occur, please seek assistance from your resident assistant (RA) or residence director (RD). Your RA and RD are trained to assist you and your roommate to solve any problems you may be having.

What if I have special housing needs related to a medical condition?

You will be asked to provide medical documentation to our Accommodative Housing Committee If approved, and space is available, we will do our best to provide you with appropriate accommodations. Please be aware that there is an additional charge for single room accommodations.

What is my mailing address?

First name Last name
MC# _ _ _ _ _
10 Upper College Dr
Alfred, NY 14802

What items should I bring and not bring?

Please refer to the guide to moving & packing page for a complete listing.

When do I get my roommate’s contact information?

Your room assignment and your roommate’s information will be mailed to you in June. It will also be available on BannerWeb. The Office of Residential Life encourages you to contact your roommate to arrange room set up and items you wish you bring.

When is mail delivered?

Students may pick up letter mail and packages (signed for with student ID) at the Print and Mail Services building Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.