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Students interested in becoming real-world problem solvers will love Alfred State’s School of Architecture, Management, and Engineering Technology (SAMET). Creative and curious minds thrive in this environment where the emphasis is on the application of knowledge and the importance of the successful implementation of business solutions.

Learn more through hands-on labs, projects, and internships, where students put their knowledge and critical thinking to the test. With software and equipment just like the pros, students not only use the latest technology but also understand and analyze results.

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Pioneer PROfiles - Joanna Musacchio

Mon, Feb 26th, 2024

 “Our classes are so interactive. We are always spending time together in the studio, and we collaborate on almost everything. We can go from Wellsville town planning and design all the way up to our thesis projects that combine a variety of topics.”

Joanna Musacchio

Keyes to Success

Thu, Dec 14th, 2023

“When I got here in my second year, I joined the chorus and for the first time I learned the importance and joy of choral music. Anthony Cappadonia’s passion was unparalleled, and I learned for the first time what it was like to be part of a team. It taught me leadership and teamwork and gave me confidence.”

Jeffrey Keyes

Meet the Students - Heidi Williams

Mon, Nov 27th, 2023

“Because of my grades in high school I received a scholarship that made it super easy to come. Everything was affordable and accessible.”

Heidi Williams

Alfred State hosts STEM Conference

Tue, Aug 15th, 2023

“This is a wonderful opportunity for educators to learn from each other so they can grow in their own classrooms. It is also amazing to have these educators on our campus and show them the labs and educational spaces we have available here.”

Jeffrey Stevens - Dean of the School of Applied Technology

Llewellyn Art Gallery hosts exhibit by Amy Lee Ketchum

Wed, Oct 18th, 2023

The Bret Llewellyn Art Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit “My Chinoiserie” until Friday, Dec. 1. The exhibition features the concept art and animation assets for a short film in progress by artist and filmmaker, Amy Lee Ketchum.

Pioneer PROfiles - Bee Williams

Thu, Feb 8th, 2024

“There are so many high-quality professors that have worked in the industry. The class sizes are small, and the professors can help. We learn everything during lectures and put them to use on paper and then we go into labs and use apparatuses and do experiments using actual tools."

Bee Williams