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ASC ranked No. 2 in NY, colleges with registered nursing

Program Advantages

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Love television shows such as Grey's Anatomy? Nursing may be a future career for you! We offer versatility to choose between three programs: 2-year AAS program, 2-year RN-BSN in nursing program online option, or a 4-year dual degree AAS/BS program. And, then when you graduate, you get to care for patients and have the most rewarding career of all time.

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Professional Outlook

The demand for registered nurses is expected to grow 26% between 2010 and 2020. An aging population and advancements in medical care are the main reasons behind this expected level of faster-than-average rate of growth.

U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics
Jess Lippa, Department Chair
Pioneer Quotes

"To honor the nursing teachers at Alfred State. I want to say thank-you for the great education. Your professionalism, work ethic, and knowledge, have inspired me through all my years of nursing. My patients and students that I have cared for and taught, have benefited from these instructors. You have truly made an impact in the world of nursing!" -Karen Aylor

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Nursing Department

"These graduates have exhibited core values which include limitless kindness, hard work and an eagerness to learn all they can about their patients and members of our healthcare team. They bring a sense of energy and enthusiasm that renews our purpose. It is a true pleasure walking with them as they begin their journey." -Anne McCormick, Jones Memorial Hospital

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