RN to BS in Nursing

RN to BS in Nursing

An online Bachelor of Science in nursing means you’ll have more career opportunities and greater earning potential!

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To fulfill New York’s BSN in 10 Law, Alfred State offers a 100% online program or on-campus instruction . This provides flexibility and learning style choices for working professionals.

Why should I get my BS in Nursing?

BSN in 10 Law

New York now requires all nurses who work in the state to complete a BSN within 10 years of initial licensure. Alfred State College is here to help! In addition to offering two paths to earning a Bacheelor of Science in Nursing, we have also compiled some information that will help guide you in your professional journey.

When did it take effect?

The law went into effect immediately on Dec. 18, 2017.

Why was this law passed?

The basis for the law is evidence confirming better outcomes when patients receive care from baccalaureate-prepared nurses.

Is anyone exempt from this new law?

Registered nurses who were licensed on or before Dec. 18, 2017, as well as any person who was enrolled in, accepted in, or waitlisted for later acceptance in a diploma or associate degree program in New York State before that date are exempt. Currently practicing RNs may still want to consider pursuing a BSN for a number of reasons, however, including better patient outcomes, career advancement, and professional growth.

What can you tell me about the governor’s proposal to provide priority access to SUNY and CUNY programs?

Under this proposal, licensed nurses and nursing candidates will receive priority admission to all SUNY and CUNY programs across the state beginning in the fall of 2021 to fulfill baccalaureate credentials and continue practicing. This would allow the 40,000 nurses and nursing candidates who are required by law to complete their baccalaureate credentials access to quality and affordable education within the state.

What will I learn?

Hands-on experience helps Alfred State students prepare. The online option relies on your own experience in healthcare facilities. On campus, we also offer state-of-the-art equipment. 

Become a leader ready to contribute to the advancement of health care.

Now is the time to start.

Alfred State College offers two educational pathways to achieving a bachelor’s degree in nursing: our Bachelor of Science RN-BS Program and our Dual Degree Program.

BS in Nursing

An upper-division completion program that will enhance your knowledge and skills foundation to function more autonomously and interdependently in diverse, complex, and dynamic health care environments. This program is offered in an online format, providing flexibility and learning style choices for the adult student and working professional.

BS in Nursing

Dual Degree

A model to meet the high demand for bachelor’s degrees in nursing, while allowing the student to earn both an associate and baccalaureate degree over four years. Courses progress from simple to more complex situations, with specialized content in obstetrics, psychiatrics, and pediatrics integrated into the program. Students can take classes full-time or part-time with winter and summer classes available.

Dual Degree in Nursing


The demand for nurses with bachelor’s degrees or higher has never been greater. As a baccalaureate graduate you will be prepared to assume a leadership role in the health care delivery system. You will be able to deliver, design, and coordinate care for a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds to improve client outcomes.


Valerie Davis | Nursing, Bronx

Valerie was drawn to the program because of its affordability, the flexibility of the curriculum, and the helpfulness of the professors.

Alfred State is a great school because of the support you get here. Also, the clinical and hands-on experiences are really helpful.

Valerie, who is looking to become a family nurse practitioner once she graduates, definitely feels that Alfred State is preparing her well for her career.



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