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Compare College Costs

Spend less now. Make more later.

For students from any state, please use our handy college cost comparison guide. New York State students also benefit from Alfred State's Free Tuition Plus

For out-of-state students, ASC Freeway Scholarships are your path to big savings to enjoy the same low tuition rate as in-state students at Alfred State. You can keep the scholarship for all four years as a full-time residential student in good academic standing.

ASC is affordable and offers a high-quality education. Alfred State is ranked by US News as the No. 1 State University of New York (SUNY) Regional College. Your hands-on learning pays off with a 98% employment and continuing education rate to help you launch a good career where you will make more money.

The same low tuition rate is available for students from anywhere in the US!

Compare Alfred State to in‑state costs in your state Average Cost of College for Northeast and Midwest States

Bachelor's Degree Tuition
Out-of-State $16,980
ASC Freeway Scholarship - $9,910
Total Tuition Cost $7,070
Associate Degree Tuition
Out-of-State $11,320
ASC Freeway Scholarship - $4,250
Total Tuition Cost $7,070
  • Vermont$17,593
  • New Hampshire$16,749
  • Pennsylvania$14,532
  • Illinois$14,579
  • New Jersey$14,184
  • Conneticut$14,487
  • Massachusetts$13,939
  • Virginia$13,931
  • Michigan$13,716
  • Rhode Island$13,697
  • Delaware$11,343
  • Kentucky$10,976
  • Maine$10,377
  • Ohio$10,049
  • Maryland$9,401
  • Indiana$9,656
  • Wisconsin$8,782
  • West Virginia$8,252
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