Calculating College Costs

To accurately compare the cost of colleges you’re considering, as well as the plans for aid, you may find the following chart helpful.

College Name Alfred State College B College C
Billed Costs: Full Year In-State; On Campus    
Tuition & Required Fees* $ 8,862    
Standard Double Room (on-campus only) $ 8,380    
Meal Plan (14-meal plan)** $ 5,800    
Other Optional Billed Fees      
Total Billed Costs $ $ $
Financial Aid      
Scholarships & Grants      
Student Loans      
Parent Loans      
Other Aid      
Total Applied Aid $ $ $
Total Billed Costs $ $ $
Minus Total Applied Aid - - -
Estimated Family Costs = = =

Federal College Work-Study Program plans are paid directly to the student based on hours worked and therefore may not be included in applied aid.

Factoring Costs for Out-of-State Residents

*See additional information and assistance available through ASC Freeway Scholarships.

Alfred State costs listed here are based on typical yearly costs for a NYS resident student living on campus. Costs will vary for students who are out-of-state residents, select other living/meal options, or have additional program-related costs. All costs are subject to change.

**Information on other meal plan options can be found on the ACES website.