Information Technology: Web Development

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ASC ranked No. 2 in NY, colleges with web/multimedia management and webmaster

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Program Advantages

Take your knowledge of technology and a passion for connecting people to the next level with an information technology: web development degree. Students gain in-demand skills to succeed in a growing industry. Available jobs include web development, applications, publishing, programming, and server administration, The program is designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce as IT professionals with a special emphasis in web development and applications.

Professional Outlook

Organizations of all types and sizes need computer professionals. The primary employment field includes web administrators and developers. Due to the solid foundation in other areas, graduates will not be limited to these areas; thus, the job opportunities are wide and numerous. Employment and continuing education rate of 100%. One hundred percent are employed.

2016-2017 Alfred State Catalog
Evan Enke
Pioneer Quotes

"Here at Cutco we like to "grow" our own. We currently have 18 full time programmers 60+% of whom started as interns. 20+% of our programmers are Alfred State graduates. We are finding it harder and harder to find good interns due to the shrinking of computer science degree programs in our local area. Alfred State continues to meet our needs by providing the necessary programs and by preparing students for the real world. Kudos!" -Karen A. Austin, senior programmer, Cutco Corporation

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Computer & Information
Technology Department

"Classes are enjoyable and you get practical, hands-on experience that is transferrable to the workplace." -Dustin Mason, '17

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