Kishan Zuber

Kishan Zuber
Position Title
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Office Location
Student Leadership Center
Office Phone

Kishan Zuber will be joining college executives as the vice president of Enrollment Management to lead the college’s accomplished and successful recruitment team beginning Aug. 7.

Before joining a higher education marketing firm specializing in recruitment and customer relationship management systems, Zuber spent most of her professional life at State University of New York (SUNY) institutions including Delhi where she worked in web and electronic media. At Binghamton, she served in a variety of positions as an assistant dean, assistant director, and assistant coach. As a first-generation student, she earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and a master’s in student affairs and diversity, both from Binghamton.

“At Alfred State, we offer a high-quality education that is purposeful, practical, and affordable. I know how transformative earning a college degree was in my own life and can’t wait to be hands-on in my own way helping Alfred State students launch their careers. I also have an innate interest in exploring the wilderness and have studied at the National Outdoor Leadership School, so I feel right at home in beautiful Alfred,” says Zuber.

Zuber has previously served as a vice president at Waybetter Marketing and private schools Wilkes University and Wells College. Her strategy is always to be future-focused, data-driven, and student-centered. While she has concentrated her work on ways to leverage technology to innovate enrollment and marketing, Zuber is deeply aware of the value of personal relationship building, collaboration, and inspiring leadership within her team.

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