Tiara Spence

Individual Studies

Tiara Spence (New York, NY) got a jumpstart to her college career and Alfred State’s individual studies online program is helping her towards her dreams.

Tiara started taking college courses at 16 and dreams of becoming a dermatologist one day. She was able to transfer credits earned in high school and at another college into the program at Alfred State. 

“The transfer credit advising experience has been fast, easy, and efficient. Alfred State works with students to help them understand how their previously completed coursework can be applied to their current degree program.”

Working with her adviser at has also been key to her success. “They discuss the challenges that I may be facing and have helped me create a plan for completing my degree requirement. Not only do they support me educationally, but they have also provided guidance on my course selections, academic policies, and career planning.”

Tiara has been impressed with the team of faculty members that she has taken classes from. “Alfred State offers a comprehensive online academic experience that allows students to pursue their educational goals while balancing other commitments in their lives.”

Creating a schedule and sticking to a plan has helped Tiara. “You have the ability to learn on your own time, it can be easy to fall behind and procrastinate. It is important to set aside specific time each week for studying, completing assignment, and participating in online discussions.”

Completing her associate degree from Alfred State is step one on her educational path that Tiara hopes will culminate in a career in dermatology.