Out-of-State Student Testimonials

Big Blue ASC mascot standing with students

Out-of-state students are in for a warm Alfred State welcome.

ASC Freeway Scholarships

Keturah Gregory

Keturah Gregory • Laurel, MD

"To see professors passionate about what they do and then to teach it with the same passion as they do, it really encourages me to continue what I'm doing and continue my love for it."

Interior Design & Business Administration
Volleyball Team

Hailey Brown

Hailey Brown • Coudersport, PA

"Definitely the professors are just awesome. They'll help you find a job, find an internship, the door is always open if you need help on a project… They're just really great."

Agricultural Entrepreneurship
Volleyball Team

Austin Wojtkunski

Austin Wojtkunski • Hollandale, WI

"My first year we learned the basics. I spent most my day in the lab. It is all hands-on and it's awesome. My dream is to be a mechanic on the pipeline and able to travel the country."

Heavy Equipment: Truck & Diesel Technician

Juliana Elwood

Juliana “Julie” Elwood • Sewell, NJ

"My group members were not only amazing designers but were passionate about the work in our final project, which helped me maintain focus on the important work we were doing."

Graphic and Media Design
Dean's Award for Academic Excellence

Gabriela Leite

Gabriela Leite • Little Rock, AR

"My first semester was mostly general education classes but my secon semester I started to take accounting and I started to realize hey I actually really like this course."

Business Administration/Accounting

Kellen Fletcher

Kellen Fletcher • Wrightstown, NJ

"I chose Alfred State because of academics and athletics. The academic programs were exactly what I wanted coming out of high school and the athletics were a bonus."

Digital Media and Animation