Sarah Travers

Sarah Travers sitting at a table with a laptop

Sarah's major allowed her to study abroad in Sorrento, Italy.

Sarah loves the real-world experience she gets in her program through working on a variety of commercial and residential projects. Her major has also allowed her to study abroad in Sorrento, Italy, and to secure an internship with SWBR Architects in Rochester.

“At my internship, I dealt with clients. I was less nervous working with them because, through my class projects, I already knew what it was like to have clients and to have to meet their expectations.”

Her professors have also been very helpful, whether it’s with scholarships, applications to internships, projects, and even reviewing her portfolio. She loves the small, close-knit feel of the campus community, too.

“I enjoy the fact that no matter where I go on campus, I can bump into someone I know and easily join in a conversation with them. Everyone’s very friendly and it’s easy to get to know people.”