Roger O’Toole

Roger O’Toole next to surveying equipment
Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology

After 15 years dreaming of going back to school, Roger took the leap and applied to Alfred State. 

Although he holds a degree in forestry, the college’s four-year, ABET accredited program in surveying and geomatics engineering technology was a better fit for his career aspirations.

“The college has the only four-year ABET accredited program, and it has affordable tuition and the highest quality instruction. I was really pleased with the product, and at the end of the day, if you’ve got something good and you’re offering it at a good price, it’s good for you and for everyone.”

Today, he is a senior engineering technician at a local county department of public works and he’s never regretted his decision. “It’s tough. It’s a sacrifice. I’ve got a wife and two kids at home, but the faculty have been extremely supportive.  I’m thankful to have a great education and a great job.”