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Alfred State Taco Bell Rated #1 Nationwide

Alfred State Taco Bell Rated #1 Nationwide

Alfred State’s Dining Services Taco Bell location has been rated #1 nationwide in Taco Bell’s Voice of the Customer Program. The Taco Bell operation on campus is managed by Michael Murray of Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services, Inc.

“Of the 5,539 locations nationwide, your team is #1 with our Voice of the Customer program. It is the most important obsession metric as it is feedback your guests are giving on their experience,” explained Jill Woods-Dale of Taco Bell.

“Our standard is 78 percent, (but) the Alfred State team has had three consecutive months at 100 percent,” Woods-Dale stated.

Taco Bell also measured the Alfred State customer experience after 5 p.m. and the score remained perfect at 100 percent. Importantly, the dining unit was also awarded a 100% food safety pass rate for the CORE evaluations. These high metrics all add up to one thing: satisfied customers.

“Everyone on campus knows how hard Mike Murray and his teams work,” said Karen Canne, Director of Dining Services for ACES. “It’s nice to know that our customers see that and respond to it. Being rated # 1 by our long-time vendor is a wonderful acknowledgement of the hard work by everyone – our student employees, our regular staff, and Mike and his leadership.”

Taco Bell has been a dining unit at Alfred State since 1998 when it was co-located in Central Dining Hall. The new location was opened in the Student Gathering Place in 2007.