ASC is the No. 1 SUNY and No. 6 for All Northern Regional Colleges

ASC is the No. 1 SUNY and No. 6 for All Northern Regional Colleges

Alfred State College (ASC) continues to reign as a top choice for prospective students, including the No. 1 ranking among SUNY regional colleges.

The 2022 US News & World Report Best Colleges list of northern regional colleges also shows ASC tied for No. 5 in the Top Public Schools. When compared to all public and private colleges in the 11-state northern region, Alfred State is No. 6, up three spots from last year.

“A school’s graduation rate carries the most weight of any scoring metric in the US News rankings and Alfred State is highly regarded for this measure of student outcomes,” said Dr. John Anderson, Officer in Charge at Alfred State. “We have a significant number of Pell Grant recipients due to lower family income. While students from this background sometimes struggle to earn a degree, US News reports that ASC has an impressive 71-percent six-year graduation rate for students receiving federal aid. This is only possible due to our strong support for student success.”

This is the 15th straight year ASC is highly ranked by the publication. The US News definition of a regional college is one that focuses on undergraduate education with less than 50 percent of the degrees in liberal arts disciplines. This makes for a more career-focused graduate.

Alfred State is large enough to offer a vibrant college experience and a variety of 80 different majors. While at the same time, ASC offers a tight-knit and caring community to help students succeed. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1, US News reports 61-percent of all classes on campus have fewer than 20 students.

In the north, US News is very selective in only awarding a numeric ranking to 49 northern regional colleges for the 2022 list. Top 10 honors for Alfred State include:


US News & World Report’s Best Colleges list is one of the most sought-after rankings among colleges and universities across the nation. The rankings include data from more than 1,400 colleges with schools ranked in 17 areas related to academic excellence.

At 40-percent, Student Outcomes have the largest influence on US News rankings. Expert Opinions from peer institutions and Faculty Resources both account for 20-percent of the score. Financial Resources for the school provide 10-percent. Student Excellence accounts for 7-percent and Alumni Giving makes up the final 3-percent of the score.

mascot Big Blue sitting on a stone with students on campus
Mascot Big Blue celebrates with students on campus.