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  • "you will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some of it with you."
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"One of the first things I was told was how well my work was written. I feel this is a compliment to the structure and style of the courses I took as an undergrad at Alfred State."

Patrick Doodian, Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities Alumni
Program Advantages

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The AA in liberal arts degree program will help to cultivate your creative and expressive abilities. Liberal arts & sciences faculty serve as editorial advisers to two student-run publications: Ergo, Alfred State’s literary and artistic magazine, and Tor Echo, its online student newspaper. Because of the emphasis we place on strong thinking, writing, and speaking skills, our liberal arts degree can begin your journey to a great career in a wide variety of fields. You'll also get to choose among a wide range of classes: literature, philosophy, film, communication, writing, art, and design.  

Professional Outlook

Our program can help you to transfer into bachelor degree programs with majors such as English and communication. The average starting salary for English majors in 2021 was $56,000. People with majors in communication work across multiple fields and can make as much as $112,000 in certain industries. These degrees can help get you a job as a technical writer ($70,240), public relations specialist ($56,770), editor ($56,010), and announcer ($30,080).

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English & Humanities

“In law school, my writing was complimented by professors, deans, lawyers, and judges. I attribute this positive feedback to the communication skills I learned in Alfred State's liberal arts classes, the fruits of which are still ripening.” -Patrick Doodian, Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities Alumni

Pioneer Partners

Ergo Literary Magazine

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Cover of fall 2018
Ergo magazine
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Ergo magazine

Tor Echo Student Newspaper

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Cover of fall 2019
Tor Echo student newspaper
cover of spring 2019 tor echo student newspaper
Cover of spring 2019
Tor Echo student newspaper