Fraud Hotline

Alfred State is committed to ensuring its funds and other university resources are used in an effective and efficient matter. The hotline is intended for faculty, staff, students, and others to report suspected fraud, waste, abuse or irregular activities. These activities include improper transactions, such as suspected thefts, losses, misuse or inappropriate action involving State funds, equipment, supplies or other assets. Complaints about other matters, such as personnel issues or academic misconduct, should be brought to the attention of the Office of Human Resources.

How & What to Report

Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your specific concerns along with any relevant supporting information you may have. You do not need to provide your name; however, you may want to provide your name and contact information in the event additional questions arise. All information will be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Fraud Policy Whistleblower Protection

SUNY's new Fraud Policy offers ‘Whistleblower Protection’ that protects those individuals who make reports, in good faith, from retaliation. Good faith, in practical terms, means that the policy does not protect malicious or vindictive reporters who provide false information knowingly. This ‘good faith’ standard protects those who make a report, even if that report turns out to be incorrect. If the reporter, given the facts they had at the time, believed that the fraud they were reporting was true, they will be afforded protection from any retaliation.

Retaliation against anyone who has made a report in good faith under this process is strictly prohibited.

Notice on Confidentiality

Reports made to the hotline will be treated as confidential. However, this confidentiality is not absolute because of legal or other requirements (e.g., discovery in litigation, government investigations, etc.) and situations where the college would need to use the information to protect the college’s interests. Alfred State will do everything it can to protect a reporter's identity during the investigation and handling of a matter, but in some limited situations the person being investigated may be able to ascertain who the reporter is just by the nature of the facts or the contextual situation that gave rise to the report.

Methods of Reporting

If you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, or irregular activities within the college, you may report these allegations anonymously to the university auditor in the methods listed below.