2024 Summer Construction Update


Summer of 2024 is when Alfred State will begin preparations for the multi-million-dollar rebuilding of the Agriculture Science Building. Combined with major infrastructure construction work and the completion of an all-new Upper College Drive, crews are in high gear across the campus before the start of the fall semester. Many of our investments totaling approximately $200 million are already paying off with new facilities and amenities to enjoy.

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Construction details:

Jon Nickerson leads meeting
Facilities Director Jon Nickerson hosts a public meeting.

We realize construction work will cause inconveniences and we thank you for your patience. Facilities and capital project leaders work to keep the campus community informed to assist us all. Timely announcements are sent through Facilities Alerts to all Alfred State email accounts and public meetings provide updates each semester. 


A campus map supplied by the State University Construction Fund SUCF has an overview of the impact of construction this summer. Green zones are areas that remain accessible during the summer. Areas marked in red will be active construction zones in the summer.

SLC, CDH, and PHS from East to West
From parking lot 3, the pedestrian bridge on the 4th floor of Student Leadership Center SLC provides access to the 2nd floor of Central Dining Hall CDH and then to Physical and Health Sciences PHS.
SET, EJB, and PHS from West to East
From parking lot 11, pedestrians may access Engineering Technology SET and continue to EJ Brown Business EJB, and Physical and Health Sciences PHS.
Hunter Student Development Center
Parking lot 10 will provide access to the west entrance.
Hinkle Library and Huntington Admin.
Parking lot 7 will provide access to both buildings.
Peet, Braddon, and Shults Halls
These residence halls are only accessible to construction crews during the summer. If additional access is needed, contact Facilities Services.

Summer Parking

During the summer months, a number of parking lots will not be accessible. Lower College Drive and parking lots 1-23 are the best options. Lot 1 is directly across from the stop sign at our main entrance and the numbers continue clockwise around the loop ending with the parking lots next to Orvis and #23 behind Orvis at PAMS. Lot 40 across from the Hillcrest Dr. entrance will also be available much of this summer.

During the academic year, we would replace all impacted faculty/staff parking spots. Because this is summer and the number of spaces impacted is quite voluminous, we are adapting our parking to whatever is closest to your destination. The number of available spaces will be plenty, just in different locations from normal habits.

Faculty and staff, including our ACES team members, will be arriving to new traffic and parking access which is why we've made advance notice.

Agriculture Science

Beginning this Fall Semester, Agriculture Science will be closed for a $41M reconstruction that is scheduled for completion in July 2027. Paul Schroeder in Capital Projects is overseeing the construction while Jon Nickerson in Facilities is coordinating moves into available surge space. 

Academic Classes, Labs, and Offices
All materials are to be boxed and labeled by May 21. Moves will occur May 28 - July 28. Radiological and Sonography equipment will be moved by a specialized vendor. 
Pioneer Landing for Allied Health
The former Motorcycle and Power Sports facility on State Route 244 will be the temporary home for Allied Health during Ag Sci construction. 
10 Elm for SRFS
Student Records and Financial Services SRFS will begin moves on August 1 with SRFS fully operating in 10 Elm by August 30.
Additional Moves
Many Ag Sci academic offices are moving to Engineering Technology SET this summer. In June, Instructional Technology is moving next to the Help Desk in the Library. Additional details related to Ag Sci moves will be announced and coordinated directly with individuals.

Harris Hall in SET

An upgrade to the lobby of Harris Hall in Engineering Technology SET is recently completed. This summer the lecture hall SET 215 will be renovated. Paul Schroeder is supervising this project with completion scheduled by August 5.

Pioneer Center

Work continues to rebuild Pioneer Center. This will necessitate a temporary relocation of the fitness center. During Spring Break 2025, the fitness center will relocate to the Allegany Room on the first floor of Central Dining Hall CDH. The equipment will return to a renovated fitness space in Pioneer Center by the Fall Semester of 2025.