Information Security

Students in this minor will complete a series of information security and/or electrical engineering technology courses in information security. Prerequisites are required for some courses. Waivers to the prerequisites may be granted by the department based on prior related course work or experience.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CISY 5723 Essentials of Information Security 3
CISY 4053 Linux/Unix Administration and Scripting 3
CISY 5133 Security Policies, Recovery and Risk Management 3

Elective Courses – Select three (9 Credit Hours)

  • CISY 5203 Network Administration
  • CISY 6103 Web Server Administration
  • CISY 7023 Computer Forensics and Legal Issues
  • CISY 7013 Network Host Security
  • CISY 7033 Security Tools

Total Number of Credit Hours: 18