Criminal Justice

Description of the Minor:

The minor will provide students with the opportunity to examine the Criminal Justice system. It may be of particular interest to students in forensic science, cyber security, business administration, human service management and/or interdisciplinary studies. The Criminal Justice minor requires 15 credit hours. At least three credits must come from Alfred State.

Students majoring in Criminal Justice are not eligible for this minor.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Differentiate between the disciplines of Criminal Justice and Criminology
  2. Define diversity and ethics in the Criminal Justice system
  3. Apply constitutional interpretation to criminal law Requirements for a Criminal Justice Minor

Requirements for a Criminal Justice Minor:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CJUS 1003 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
SOCI 1243
CJUS 3003
Cyber Crime
CJUS 6003 Law and Criminal Evidence 3
CJUS 7004 Criminal Investigation Mgt 3
CJUS 8003
CJUS 8103
CJUS 8012
CJUS 5003
Criminal Justice Capstone 
Criminal Justice Internship 
(3 hr. or 12 hr.)
Constitutional Issues in CJ


     3 or 12