Crime Scene Investigation Specialist

The crime scene investigation specialist minor (CSIS) provides a specialization that differentiates a student academically. The minor is open to students having an interest in the technical aspects of crime scene investigation. Although the minor is open to students in other Alfred State College baccalaureate programs it may satisfy a gap identified by the forensic science technology and criminal justice programs for students wishing to specialize in the CSI aspects.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
FRSC 1001 Introduction to Forensic Science I 1
FRSC 2001 Introduction to Forensic Science II 1
FRSC 3001 Topics in Forensic Science I


FRSC 1103 Forensic Science Concepts 3
FRSC 3113 Forensic Pathology


CJUS 6003 Law and Criminal Evidence 3
CJUS 7004 Criminal Investigation Management 4
FRSC 6214 Microscopy and Criminalistics 4
CJUS 8003 Criminal Investigation Capstone 3
  Total Hours 16

Pre-requisite requirements:  The FRSC 3113 course requires a prerequisite of BIOL 1104 General Biology or BIOL 2303 Human Biology or BIOL 1404 Anatomy & Physiology I.