Computer Engineering Technology

This minor provides the foundation for students to study the architecture of computer hardware and learn to control the hardware systems using software applications and programming languages. The CpET minor is open to all majors on campus at the bachelor’s degree level; however, this minor may be of particular interest to information technology and other engineering majors.

  • The minor must be completed with an overall GPA of 2.5 in all courses taken in the Minor.
  • Students are expected to obtain the necessary background (prerequisites or equivalents) to complete the required courses for CpET minor program. The department may grant waivers to the required prerequisites for the upper-level courses based on prior related coursework or experience.
  • Students planning to pursue a minor in CpET should apply as early as possible to facilitate course planning.

Student Learning Outcomes:

The minor in the computer engineering technology program produces graduates who:

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics and science to solve computer engineering problems.
  • Use fundamental techniques, skills, and tools necessary to support computer engineering practice.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CISY 1113 Computer Programming I  3
ELET 1133 Digital Logic 3
ELET 1111 Digital Logic Lab 1
ELET 1202 Intro to Electrical Eng. Technology 2
ELET 2143
ELET 2103 & ELET 2151
Embedded Controller Fundamentals OR
Electronics Theory I & Electronics Laboratory
ELET 1103 Circuit Theory I 3
ELET 1151 Circuit Theory Lab 1
XXXX XXXX Elective 3/4
  Total Number of Credit Hours 19/20

List of elective courses:

  • ELET 5113 Electronic Communications
  • CISY 5123 Scientific Programming
  • ELET 7404 Embedded and Real-time Systems

*Additional courses may be approved by the department