Building Technology

The building technology minor is intended to expand the specialized knowledge of students enrolled in baccalaureate degree programs at Alfred State to focus on emerging technologies related to sustainable building design and construction practices. This interdisciplinary minor will provide an integrated understanding of practical project planning, design and management activities, and add an important skill set to the credentials of graduates who will receive instruction in construction document production, estimating and scheduling. Satisfactory completion of this coursework will broaden employment opportunities for graduates to include architecture, construction, and other organizations seeking to design innovative and sustainable buildings in ways that optimize material and energy use and keep projects on schedule and within budget. Students are required to declare this minor upon acceptance or continuation into the third year of a baccalaureate degree program.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze methods, materials, equipment and systems used to construct buildings.
  2. Create construction documents with consideration for planning and management of construction processes.
  3. Develop construction project cost estimates and construction project schedules.

Requirements for a Building Technology Minor (minimum 18 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
CIVL 4143 Construction Specifications & Estimating  3
CIVL 4043 Construction Management 3

Building Technology Minor Electives (at least 12 credit hours):

  • ARCH 2014 – Computer Visualization
  • ARCH 3003 – Environmental Controls 1
  • ARCH 3014 – Construction Technology 1
  • ARCH 4013 – Municipal Codes & Regs.
  • ARCH 4014 – Construction Technology 2
  • ARCH 4990 – Lower Division Elective
  • ARCH 6433 – Urban Sketch. and Journal
  • ARCH 7003 – Environmental Controls 2
  • ARCH 7990 – Upper Division Elective
  • ARCH 8003 – Professional Practice
  • BIOL 2833 – Environmental Science
  • CIVL 5900 – Directed Study
  • CIVL 6113 – Environmental Tech. Concepts
  • CIVL 6123 – Mechanical Systems
  • CIVL 6214 – Advanced Estimating
  • CIVL 7223 – Construction Project Planning
  • CIVL 7523 – Construction Scheduling
  • NASC 6003 – Sustainability

Please Note:

  • Students should review all course prerequisite requirements prior to registration.
  • Typical semesters and times that each course is offered is subject to change.
  • Enrollment subject to course capacities, and at the discretion of the scheduling department.

The minor must be completed with an overall GPA of 2.5 in all courses taken at Alfred State – SUNY College of Technology. For complete details, please see the Department of Architecture and Design.