The purpose of the Agriculture Minor is to offer non-agriculture majors the opportunity to learn about agriculture and increase their employability by giving them practical knowledge that they can apply to positions in one of the largest industries in the U.S.

The Agriculture minor is open to all majors on campus at the Bachelor's Degree level. Prerequisites are required for some courses. Waivers to these prerequisites may be granted by the department based on prior related course work or experience.

Requirements for an Agriculture Minor

Select either ANSC 1204 or BIOL 1304

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
ANSC 1204 Intro Animal Science 4
BIOL 1304 Botany 4

Elective Courses - (at least 11 Credit Hours)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
AGPS 1103 Soils  
ANSC 3203 Dairy I  
AGRI 2013 Organic and Sustainable Ag  
AGPS 2113 Field and Forage Crops  
AGEC 3013 Farm and Rural Bus. Man. I  
AGRI 5103 Sustainable Veg. Production  
ANSC 2102 Dairy Cattle Repro. and A.I.  
ANSC 3003 Feeds and Nutrition  
ANSC 3223 Dairy Calf Management  
AGRI 5003 Integrated Pest Management  

Total of Credit Hours 15-16

The minor must be completed with an overall GPA of 2.5 in all courses taken at Alfred State. At least one course in the minor must be completed at Alfred State. A maximum of 12 credit hours of transfer credit will be permitted. For complete details, please contact the Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department Chair at 607-587-3983.