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The emphasis of this minor is on animation. Students gain experience in design fundamentals, storytelling, 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation for entertainment and communication. This minor is available to students in any bachelor degree program with exception of the restrictions below. Students will be required to own a laptop that will efficiently run the most current version of the animation software.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
DGMA 1403 Digital Foundations I 3
DGMA 1333 Survey of Animation 3
DGMA xxx3 Technical Elective 3
DGMA xxx3 Technical Elective 3
DGMA 6413 Advanced Animation 3
  Total Number of Credit Hours 15

Minor Electives:
DGMA 2403 Introduction to 3D Animation
DGMA 3403 Intermediate 3D Animation
DGMA 5403 Advanced Modeling
DGMA 6203 Motion Graphics
DGMA 7603 Advanced Motion Graphics

Restrictions: No 641 Restrictions