Excelsior Scholarship

Excelsior ScholarshipNew York is the first state in the country to provide access to all public colleges and universities tuition-free. This exciting opportunity is available to New Yorkers with a household adjusted gross income up to $125,000 (as filed with the IRS). For dependent students, the federal adjusted gross income is comprised of parents' and student's income if the student's income exceeds the income threshold for the applicable year. Review the Income FAQ's on the HESC website for more information. 

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Estimate your Excelsior Scholarship Award

Below is an example of how to estimate the amount of your Excelsior Scholarship. Excelsior is a "last dollar" tuition award meaning it will only cover tuition charges that have not already been covered by another grant or scholarship. The only exception is a grant or scholarship specifically designated for non-tuition expenses for ALL recipients. To establish eligibility, a student must apply during the application window, have a verified adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less, and sign a residency contract with HESC.

Grants and Scholarships Offered: Amount per Semester:
NYS TAP Grant $250
SUNY Tuition Credit $75
Federal Pell Grant $300
Alfred State Scholarship $1,000
Total Grants and Scholarships $1,625
Semester Expected Tuition Charge (reduced for Excelsior eligible recipients) $3,235
Excelsior Scholarship Amount (Tuition - Total of Grants and Scholarships: $3,235 - $1,625) $1,610

Please note your Excelsior Scholarship award will not display on your Financial Aid Plan or Student Account until HESC has received your application, verified your income eligibility, and your residency contract has been returned and processed. Award information is typically transferred from HESC once per week. Please contact HESC with questions regarding your application status.