Logistics and Supply Chain Management Minor

The logistics and supply chain management minor provides students with a solid foundation in management of the entire life cycle of a product, processes, information and personnel. The minor will focus on the primary functions: operations, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, financing, and information systems, as well as directing the movement, storage, or reconciliation of inventory. Communication and problem solving skills will be developed, preparing students to use quality improvement processes to limit costs and improve efficiency, customer service, or safety. Job opportunities exist in domestic and global public and private sectors.

The logistics and supply chain management minor requires a prescribed 15 hours of credit. The minor will be administratively housed in the Business Department.


Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
BUAD 3153 or TMGT 7153 Fundamentals of Management or Principles of Management 3
BUAD 7033 Operations Management 3
LSCM 7003 Logistics Warehousing,  Inventory & Distribution Management 3
LSCM 7113 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
LSCM  6503 or BUAD 6503 Global Supply Chain Management 3
  Total Number of Credit Hours 15