Timothy Cochran

Timothy J Cochran
Position Title
Professor 10 Months
Mechanical and Electrical Eng. Tech.
Office Location
Engineering Technology Bldg.
Office Phone

MSEE - University of Wisconsin - Madison

BS General Engineering - Idaho State University

Areas of Expertise

Electrical Power, Renewable Energy, Industrial Controls

Teaching Overview
ELET 4224 Alternative Energy Generation
ELET 2124 Electrical Power Circuits
ELET 1133 Digital Logic
ELET 6143 Electrical Machines and Controls
EMET 6004 Feedback Controls
ELET 1001 Freshman Seminars
BSET 7001 Senior Seminars
Professional Experience

Registered Professional Engineer, New York, Electrical Power Systems


“Make it work.” That is the motto in Engineering Technology. I want students to have a solid grounding in theory and then apply that theory to something useful. Once they have built or programmed a device they should feel a sense of accomplishment, immediately followed by thinking how can I make it better.

I have taught over 30 different lecture and laboratory courses at Alfred State, but my primary area of interest is in power engineering. Along that line, I enjoy learning with students in classes addressing sustainable energy, electrical machines, power electronics and electrical power transmission.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Studies there emphasized electric utility engineering. General Engineering from Idaho State University is my Bachelor of Science degree. This gave a background of not only electrical but mechanical and civil engineering necessary for considering all facets of sustainable solutions.

My first sustainable energy laboratory is my home powered by a wind turbine and photovoltaics. On campus, electrical engineering technology laboratories have these technologies available for experimentation.

I am a licensed, registered Professional Engineer (Power Engineering) in the State of New York. Prior to Alfred State, I worked in broadcast communications and hold a General Radiotelephone License from the Federal Communications Commission.