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Meet the StudentsSchool of Arts & Sciences

Hands-on quality education with career focus in a caring community has been Alfred State’s mission for years. We introduce you to some of our current students pursuing their dreams in a wide variety of majors at the School of Arts & Sciences.

This is Part 2 of a three-part series:

  • Part 1: Spring 2022 Edition
    School of Applied Technology
  • Part 3: Spring 2023 Edition
    School of Architecture, Management, and Engineering Technology

Amanda ChrisphanteNursing

Amanda Chrisphante

A scholarship and great financial aid drew Amanda to the nursing program. Her experiences with the faculty and in the hands-on labs have her heading down the right path to her dream job.

“The professors are available, and they really want you to succeed. They are here to answer any of our questions. I love them.”

“In lecture, we talk about the things we see in clinical while in skills lab we perform activities like IV’s and wound dressing that we get to perform in the clinical setting. We are prepared before we go into the clinical setting.”

Amanda plans on starting as a med-surge or an ER nurse but ultimately wants to become a nurse practitioner.

Nathan MartinAgribusiness Management

Nathan Martin

Nathan, a fifth-generation farmer from Brockport, was not convinced that he needed a college education but with his father’s encouragement and the prestige of the agriculture program at Alfred State he enrolled in the agricultural business associate degree program.

“I really like the small, tight-knit program where you know everyone in the program. The program is hands-on, and the professors have become family. In a small classroom you really connect with them.”

Nathan earned his associate degree and is now pursuing his bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management.

“I was just going to attend Alfred State for two years and transfer to Cornell, but I decided to stay here because I had established relationships and wanted to test out the new four-year program.”

Gianna GotteDiagnostic Medical Sonography

Gianna Gotte

After earning general education credits at a college closer to home, Gianna found the perfect match with the diagnostic medical sonography program at Alfred State.

Gianna is part of a family that works in healthcare and was searching for an ultrasound program. “I want to help people and be a difference in their experience in health care. I know it can be scary for a patient. I also like talking to people and learning their stories.”

She has enjoyed learning the ins and outs of ultrasound and scanning along with learning everything about the human body.

The professors in the program have made her college experience more meaningful. “My professors are student oriented. They make you very comfortable asking questions. They go above and beyond to help you and make sure you understand things. I have never felt like I couldn’t go to my professor for something.”

Gianna never planned to go away for college but now curious where her career could take her. “Being so far away from home was a huge change. It has helped with my independence. This has helped me break out of my shell.”

Ethan KuhnForensic Science

Ethan Kuhn

Ethan has always wanted to help people and has found that Alfred State is not only the right place to pursue his dreams but become part of an extended family.

“I have always had a passion for helping people. That mixed with my science skills that I showed in high school I was able to talk to my guidance counselor and she led me towards forensic science.”

The forensic science program’s accreditation with FEPAC was one of the main reasons Ethan chose Alfred State along with hands-on approach of education. “I can sit in my forensics lecture all day and it is interesting, but the real excitement is in the organic lab and the forensic chemistry labs where we get hands-on with all the machines around us. We use them in fake crime scenes which allows us to learn how real-world evidence is handled.”

His experience with the faculty has enriched his education. “All the professors have real-world experience, and they bring their experience to the classroom. They make class fun.”

Ethan would love to work for the NYPD one day. “I really want to use what I learned here specifically for blood spatter analysis. The physics and chemistry behind it are super interesting.”

Aiden KinneyLiberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities

Aiden Kinney

Aiden is a very artistic person. He enjoys that his classes allow him creative liberty and expression.

As a liberal arts & sciences: humanities major, Aiden feels his major plays to his strong suits. “The great thing about the major is that it is very customizable. Alongside your general electives you have a lot of options for what courses that you want to take that you think will better your college experience. I find that to be very appealing.”

He finds his courses understandable and enjoyable. “A lot of my courses, specifically for sociology and philosophy, I am thinking a lot more than I had previously in high school. The subject matter we tackle is thought provoking and has expanded the way I think about the world. The professors are excellent. They all seem to be understanding.”

Even though Aiden commutes to campus he spends a lot of time on campus. “The friendships I have formed through clubs and classes have encouraged me to stick around. There are a lot of great people in the area. I have met a lot of like-minded people that I have had genuine relationships with within a short period of time.”

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