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"New Voices: A Showcase of One Acts" to be featured April 19 & 20

"New Voices: A Showcase of One Acts" to be featured April 19 & 20

"New Voices: A Showcase of One Acts" is a collaboration between Hornell Community Theatre and Alfred State Drama Club to encourage people interested in theater to try new roles. Five short one-acts are being produced as a show to allow individuals from the greater Hornell community and Alfred State to try their hand at directing, acting, script writing, or other creative aspects of theater. The acts are as follows:

Introduction to the Audience is a one-woman piece written by Bruce Kane. It features Robin Kerr-Wilson in the solo role, with direction assistance by Dianne T. Rokenbrod. This cleverly-written piece is a great opening to the event, and is an exploration of Kerr Wilson's comedic talent. Ali Q. Moore is a prolific writer, but this show marks the first time he will see one of his works come alive on stage. He has written and directed A Mouse Story, which is an homage to his sister's pets and explores about a pet mouse's desire for freedom and safety. Giving You My Heart, written by D.M. Larson, is almost entirely physical acting with only a few words of verbal script. This interesting piece about the interplay and emotions between three developmentally disabled individuals is being directed by Cindy Buckley, who is expanding her directing experience through this creative one act. Kris Majka has written and will direct Death of a Hired Man, which was inspired by a poem by Robert Frost of the same name. A dramatic piece, Majka's act features a couple arguing about the merits of helping a migrant handyman that has once again turned up on their doorstep. The final piece is a scene title A Different Kind of Prince, written and directed by Amanda Lynch as part of her senior theatre project entitled Small Talks, which looks at every day conversations and how they can reverberate.

“New Voices: A Showcase of One Acts” will be featured two nights only, Friday, April 19 at Alfred State in the Pioneer Lounge, Pioneer Center, and Saturday, April 20 at the new Hornell Community Arts Center. Both shows start at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 general admission and $2 for students, at the door. A question and answer session with directors and actors will be held following the second show.

Questions regarding this event may be directed to Barb Pierce at (607) 587-4075 or Janna Buckwalter at