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High schoolers compete in 29th annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference at Alfred State

High schoolers compete in 29th annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference at Alfred State

More than 950 high school students from Region I Board of Cooperative Education and Services (BOCES) districts, encompassing Western New York and the Southern Tier, competed in the 29th annual SkillsUSA Region I Leadership Conference and Skills Olympics March 6 at Alfred State.

The winners of this regional competition will advance to the next level in Syracuse in April, where all six regions in New York State will meet to attempt to qualify for the national competition in Louisville, KY, in June. A postsecondary SkillsUSA state competition will also take place on the Wellsville campus on Saturday, March 24.

Skills tests ranged from criminal justice to TV/video production to public speaking. Alfred State faculty, staff, and students were heavily involved in the design, implementation, and judging of many of the contests. Many of the high school students were exposed to a college campus for the first time.

Contestants from the following schools attended:

Burgard Vocational High School (Buffalo); Genesee Valley (Batavia); Career and Technical Education Center at Belmont; Lake Shore/ Carrier Educational Center (Angola); Charles G May Career-Tech Center (Mt. Morris); Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES, Coopers Campus (Painted Post); Edison Tech and Occupational High School (Rochester); Eastern Monroe Career Center (EMCC) (Fairport); Ellicottville CTE Center; Finger Lakes Technical and Career Center (Stanley); GST BOCES Pauline Bush Campus (Elmira); Harkness Career and Technical Center (Cheektowaga); Hewes Educational Center (Ashville); Kenton Career and Technical Education Center (Tonawanda); LoGuidice Center (Fredonia); Niagara (Sanborn); Olean CTE Center; Orleans Career and Technical Education Center (Medina); WD Ormsby Educational Center (East Aurora); Potter Career and Technical Center (West Seneca); Wayne Technical and Career Center (Williamson); WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center (Spencerport); and GST BOCES, Wildwood Campus (Hornell).

An awards ceremony honored the following winners:

Action Skills

  • Kayla DeJesus, WEMOCO, 1st
  • Hannah Lucas, EMCC, 2nd
  • Maggie Jones, LoGuidice, 3rd

Advertising Design

  • Madison Garrigues, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Samantha Moore, Niagara, 2nd
  • Dylan Ector, GST Bush, 3rd

Animal Careers

  • Emily Pfalzer, Kenton, 1st
  • Arthur Ingram, Wayne, 2nd
  • Karlie Swanson, Hewes, 3rd

Auto Body Helper

  • Simon VanHoover, Wayne, and Aaron Knight, GST Wildwood, tied for 1st
  • Blake Calaman, GST Coopers, 2nd

Auto Service

  • Jacob Gittans, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Luxman Sundas, Edison, 2nd
  • Lyle Boundy, GV Batavia, 3rd

Auto Technology

  • Tyler White, WEMOCO, 1st
  • Bradley Powers, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Raymond Gorski, Orleans, 3rd

Carpenter's Assistant

  • Ethan Huette, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Patrick Bohrer, GST Bush, 2nd
  • Kirt Menzi, GST Bush, 3rd


  • Owen Haines, Harkness, 1st
  • Evan Wood, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Ryan Schleef, Harkness, 3rd

Collision Repair

  • Darren Andrzejewski, WD Ormsby, 1st
  • Max Northern, Harkness, 2nd
  • Logan Windnagle, GST Coopers, 3rd

Commercial Baking

  • Alora Tulip, Niagara, 1st
  • Destiny Brumfield, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Megan Kelly, Harkness, 3rd

Computer Maintenance

  • Hunter Button, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Kolton Hawkins, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Nathaniel Carlin, GST Coopers, 3rd

Cosmetology Jr.

  • Hannah Cassoni, Ellicottville, 1st
  • Elizabeth Kowalski, GV Batavia, 2nd
  • Lindsy Cali, EMCC, 3rd

Cosmetology Sr.

  • Ghadeer Aziz, EMCC, 1st
  • Grace Palazzo, EMCC, 2nd
  • Shianna Brisson, WEMOCO, 3rd

CPR/First Aid

  • Ryan Povio, EMCC, 1st
  • Edwin Munoz, EMCC, 2nd
  • Sarah Priester, Hewes, 3rd

Criminal Justice

  • Tommy Hall, Olean, 1st
  • Chandler Heary, Orleans, 2nd
  • Nicholas Woodward, Niagara, 3rd

Crime Scene Investigation (Three-Person Teams)

  • Niagara, 1st
  • CG May, 2nd
  • WD Ormsby, 3rd

Culinary Arts

  • Lillian Wakelam, Niagara, 1st
  • Lauren Cybul, EMCC, 2nd
  • Aurora Warchocki, WD Ormsby, 3rd

Custom Painting

  • Michelle Pellett, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Julia Burgard, WD Ormsby, 2nd
  • Scott Bollin-Shugarts, GV Batavia, 3rd

Diesel Mechanics

  • Trevor Hulse, GST Wildwood, 1st
  • Dominic Gerardi, WD Ormsby, 2nd
  • Cheyanna Gentry, Niagara, 3rd

Early Childhood

  • Katherine Mitchell, Ellicottville, and Skyler Christopher, Orleans, tied for 1st
  • Raelyn Clark, Ellicottville, 2nd

Electrical Construction & Wiring

  • Brandon Meek, Harkness, 1st
  • Gavin Bathgate, EMCC, 2nd
  • Zack Maier, WEMOCO, 3rd

Electronics Technology

  • Benjamin Bowman, GV Batavia, 1st
  • Simon Mazur, Harkness, 2nd
  • Steven Lyness, GV Batavia, 3rd

Employment Application

  • Emalee Yacono, EMCC, 1st
  • Latavia Ward, Niagara, 2nd
  • Trinity Grist, GST Coopers, 3rd


  • Alexis Stratton, Orleans, 1st
  • Haley Conte, GV Batavia, 2nd
  • Skyler Cady, GST Wildwood, 3rd

Extemporaneous Speech

  • Veronica Orton, Orleans, 1st
  • Morgan Fitch, EMCC, 2nd
  • Hunter McLean, WEMOCO, 3rd

Food Prep Assistant

  • Chris Hoadley, EMCC, 1st
  • Destiny Counterman, GST Coopers, 2nd
  • Leah Clause, Niagara, 3rd

Health Knowledge Bowl (Four-Person Teams)

  • Orleans, 1st
  • Potter, 2nd
  • Niagara, 3rd

Job Demo A

  • Logan Blazejewski, Niagara, 1st
  • Taylor Fawley, Potter, 2nd
  • Abigail Smith, Hewes, 3rd

Job Demo Open

  • Danielle Kozma, Orleans, 1st
  • Skylar Hamlin, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Lauren Quagliana, LoGuidice, 3rd

Job Interview

  • Mercedez Roy, Finger Lakes, 1st
  • Sophia Barone, EMCC, 2nd
  • RayLynn Chraston, Orleans, 3rd


  • Garrett Delves, EMCC, 1st
  • Zachary Waters, Orleans, 2nd
  • Katarina Minichello, GST Bush, 3rd

Nail Technician

  • Karrigan Rotella, Niagara, and Jordan Tweed, Model, 1st
  • Kevin Colon, EMCC, and Lindsay Hess, Model, 2nd
  • Bailey Spence, WD Ormsby, and Rachel Greene, Model, 3rd


  • Courtney Brisky, Olean, 1st
  • Alexandra Whittall, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Faith Chalmers, EMCC, 3rd

Power Equipment

  • Austin Zwelling, Niagara, 1st
  • Samuel Kellogg, Ellicottville, 2nd
  • Jacob Glosser, GST Coopers, 3rd

Precision Heavy Equipment

  • Cooper Fournier, Niagara, 1st
  • Matt Smith, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Josh Lein, WEMOCO, 3rd

Prepared Speech

  • Jazmine Taft, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Catherine Fleischhut, Orleans, 2nd
  • Duncan Metlak, Niagara, 3rd

Quiz Bowl (Five-Person Teams)

  • GST Wildwood, 1st
  • EMCC, 2nd
  • WEMOCO, 3rd

Related Technical Math

  • Ryan Neuner, Harkness, 1st
  • Zachary Mantisi, Finger Lakes, 2nd
  • Claudia Basabakwinshi, GST Coopers, 3rd

Restaurant Services

  • Reanna Hewitt, Niagara, 1st
  • Mackenzie Toponak, Niagara, 2nd
  • Paige Bernhardt, Hewes, 3rd

Small Engines

  • Robert Wilcox, Niagara, 1st
  • Adam Wagner, Niagara, 2nd
  • Cameron Chardeen, Wayne, 3rd

Technical Drafting

  • Nick Ball, WD Ormsby, 1st
  • Leon Thompson II, Orleans, 2nd
  • Johnathan Jones, Wayne, 3rd

T-Shirt Design

  • Collin Hanrahan, GST Coopers, 1st
  • Phoenix Knapp, GST Coopers, 2nd
  • Sierra Mitchell, GST Wildwood, 3rd

TV/Video Production

  • Sage Wray and Joseph Hartigan, GST Bush, 1st
  • Troy Colvin-Wix and Dennis Pierce, GST Wildwood, 2nd
  • Eva Bobek and Jenna Harper, Harkness, 3rd


  • Adam Moroz, EMCC, 1st
  • Samuel Lammes, WEMOCO, 2nd
  • Zachery Thurston, GST Wildwood, 3rd