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Over 100 ASC students inducted into National Society of Leadership and Success

Over 100 ASC students inducted into National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) gained more than 100 new members recently after the Alfred State College chapter held its inaugural induction ceremony in December in the Orvis Activities Center Auditorium.

During the ceremony, the auditorium roared with the clapping and cheering of supportive friends and family as the inductees crossed the stage to receive their certificates. In addition to the students, two advisers were inducted, as well.

The National Society of Leadership and Success is the nation’s largest leadership society, with chapters at 598 colleges. It was founded in 2001 by Gary Tuerack with the sole purpose of creating lasting positive change.

Community service and personal growth are encouraged of members as they build their leadership skills. To qualify for induction, a student must maintain a minimum GPA, attend a series of leadership broadcasts and participate in teambuilding and goal setting groups.

Newly inducted members from Alfred State for fall 2017 are:


Troy Morehouse, director of Student Engagement; and Zac Barbis, residence hall director.


Dale Adams; A'Chaz Augustin; Jake Baran; Amber Barnhart; Matthew Baroody; Anthony Black; Dakota Black; Kali Blew; Logan Bradley; Broderick Brown; Jaclyn Brunner; Samantha Caldwell; Alexis Carrington; Bradley Carte; James Cartwright II; Abigail Chapman; Elizabeth Chase; Devon Clark; Elizabeth Cole; Mathew Digennaro; Alexandra DiMaria; Jermaine Dyer; Michael Edwards; Felicia Fiacco; Noah Gaboriault; Nathan Goff Jr; Krysta Golombek; Esthefany Gordillo; Collin Harrigan; Nathaniel Hilker; Lacee Hill; Marcus Hofer; Douglas Horbachewski; Eric Hulbert; Haley Interlicchia; Coryn Jepson; Becky Johnson; Mikalyn Kommer; Alex Kostek; Leanna Krisher; Ashley Lange; Jonathan Lubarsky; Nolan Lubberts; Frank Malone; Lauren Marzolf; Alan McNamara; David Mccormick; Jacob Minkel; Alexis Mitchell; Brian Mitchell; Emily Moore; Jessica Morton; Spencer Mosier; Stephanie Nieves; Devin Parmenter; Jacob Patanella; Kayla Peting; Shauna Perkins; Jeffery Putney; Fernando Ramos Jr; Emma Retzlaff; Andrew Richards; Cassandra Robbers; Alexander Roberts; Amanda Rogalski; Andrew Ruebenstahl; Ryan Rundell; Cassandra Ryan; Katherine Saff; Aga Jean Sarno; Jeffrey Schley Jr.; Noah Schmitt; Kyle Schwertfager; Reilly Shannon; Amber Sirline; Chris Smerina; Mikala Smith; Thomas Stiller; Nicholas Summerville; Richard Sutton; Ethan Swanson; Brianna Swartz; Alisha Taylor; Louis Tomassi; Travis Thompson; Charleah Towns; Sarah Travers; Roselyn Valencia; Samuel Vanvalkenburg; Andrew Vaughan; Leah Villagomez; Bryan Voorhees; Rachel Vonhagn; Delaney Ward; Hannah Weaver; Owen Wegman; Clarke Wiltsie; Bailey Winslow; Florence Wolf; Elisabeth Wolff; and Jessica Woughter.

new members of Alfred State’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success holding their certificates

Front row are Amber Sirline, left, and Aga Jean Sarno. In the back row, l-r are Troy Morehouse,
Cassandra Robbers, Brianna Swartz, Leah Villagomez, Fernando Ramos Jr., and Zac Barbis.