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Dresser-Recktenwald receives SUNY Human Resources award

Dresser-Recktenwald receives SUNY Human Resources award

Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald with her awardIn recognition of her outstanding efforts as senior director of Human Resources at Alfred State, Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald was recently honored with the Excellence in Human Resources Practices Award.

Presented by the State University of New York Human Resources Association (SUHRA), the award recognizes achievement in improving the quality of programs and services to the university and/or his or her own campus through effective human resources (HR) practices.

Executive Vice President Valerie Nixon said Alfred State is very pleased that SUHRA recognized Dresser-Recktenwald with the award.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy in a number of capacities for many years and continue to be impressed by her knowledge, creativity, and compassion,” Nixon said. “Whether it’s implementing new search, onboarding, or case management software; working closely with supervisors and employees; developing training; or her many other responsibilities, Wendy always keeps the best interest of the college and its employees in mind. We are fortunate to have Wendy as part of the Alfred State family.”

Dresser-Recktenwald, an Arkport resident and a member of the college’s staff since 2000, said she was honored to be recognized on behalf of Alfred State in a room filled with 64 SUNY human resources directors.

“I feel fortunate to be a part of a group of innovative and progressive human resources professionals who have difficult and complex jobs most people do not understand,” she said. “We are all general practitioners trying to stay abreast of an ever-changing legal landscape in the HR world. Through the State University of New York Human Resources Association, I have met the best colleagues who make my job easier through collaboration, and for that I am lucky.”

Dresser-Recktenwald noted that Alfred State’s HR team is made up of a group of incredibly talented and hard-working individuals, and that she could not have attained the award if her own staff and Nixon, her supervisor, didn’t support her efforts.

“It is because of the people here at Alfred State that I was able to gain this recognition,” she said, “and I am thankful for each and every one of them who work hard very day on behalf of the employees of Alfred State.”